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[review] CLARINS Anti-Ageing Double Serum x Extra-Firming Day & Night Cream

Since I have entered my twenties years ago, my utmost concern for my skin right now is anti-ageing. Well most people would say I am way too young to start off with such range of products and others would say the otherwise. So who to believe ? 

As for me, I believe in "Prevention is better than cure." Its better that I start off now with my anti-ageing now so that I would still look young by the time I am in my thirties or forties. Just when I am hunting for some anti-ageing skincare products, I was introduced to a series of anti-ageing products by CLARINS.

In CLARINS Anti-Ageing range, it consists of the eye care, serum, cream, UV protection and as well as the neck cream, but today I am only going to review on 3 of the products which is the CLARINS Anti-Ageing Double Serum, Extra-Firming Day and Night Cream

And lets embark our anti-ageing journey with the serum first. 

[Hydric + Lipidic System]

Clarins Double Serum is the complete age-control concentrate with 2 powerful serums in one bottle that revitalizes skin`s 5 anti-ageing functions, that will be explained later. Its the no.1 and award-winning anti-ageing serum in Asia.  The duo serum would make the anti-ageing experience much much faster and effective. 

This was my first time being introduced to a double serum and I was quite amazed by the bottle designed that although both serums were separated but its will still come out as one during application. As shown in the picture, the CLARINS Anti-Ageing Double Serum consists of a colorless liquid and another orangy colored liquid which better known as the hydric and lipidic system (water and oil soluble liquid). With such intensive serum, it would create a rather greasy texture behind, but as you pair with the Extra-Firming Day/Night Cream, it blends in very well, leaving a soft and pleasantly scented skin. 

The Anti-Ageing Double Serum is rich in 20 plant extracts like organic macadsmia oil, rosehip oil, organic green tea, lemon thyme and etc, that provides hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration for our skin. However, the main ingredient in such powerful anti-ageing serum is the Cangzhu extract, a booster of cell vitality. 

Cangzhu extract was specially developed for Clarins from China pharmocopoeia. It stimulates G protein, a key protein of the cell membranes, which amplifies the message, sent to the cells by the formulas active ingredients. Cangzhu also helps to boost significantly the efficacy of the other plant extracts contained in Double Serum. 

Such complete anti-ageing serum, Double Serum has to be applied by padding it on the face to reduce any rubbing or stretching that would create wrinkles on face. 

Step 1 : Rub the serum on palm to warm it up before applying. 

Step 2 : Pad the serum from inner part of the face towards the ears. 

Step 3 : Pad serum on forehead in the same direction as Step 2. 

Step 4 : Pad the excessive serum on neck and shoulder. 

5 Vital Skin Function from the CLARINS Anti-Ageing Double Serum

The intensive anti-ageing skin care treatment reactivates the skin`s 5 vital functions, taking into account of the weeknesses linked to change in lifestyle and the environment such as ageing, stress, pollution, and sun exposure. Hence it important to reactivate these essential functions as below, to fight all aspects of ageing. 

Resist Oxidation

Fibers and cellular protection, preventing fine lines and wrinkles formation. 

Hydration for 4 Hours

The duo serum provides skin hydration, softness and comfort.

Collagen Synthesis

Fibers and skin regeneration, ensuring firmness and elasticity in skin. 

Protein Penetration

Cellular and skin nutrition, creating suppleness and tone skin.

CO2 Release

Cellular and skin oxygenation, giving the skin radiance and luminosity. 

After the intensive Double Serum, the anti-ageing daily routine is followed by the CLARINS Extra-Firming Day/Night Cream. 

Wrinkle Lifting Cream - All Skin Types

The Extra-Firming Day & Night Creams are another skincare products that was launched this year to answer the major concern of women in anti-ageing. The new Extra-Firming range provides a breakthrough rich in powerful plant extracts that helps to reinforce key elements of skin structure, resulting an immediate lifting effect. 

As we age, our skin loses the linkage between each other, making them loose and saggy, which will then create wrinkles and fine lines. The formula in Extra-Firming Day cream, it would rebuild the multi-links for a strengthened firmness with two main plant extracts which is the Green Banana extract and Lemon Thyme extract. 

The day cream is beige in color and has a comparatively light texture that blends in very well with the Double Serum during application, making my skin softer and smoother with a matte finish. 

Extra-Firming Day Cream is meant to be applied as the same method as the Double Serum by padding on face, to reduce stretching or rubbing on the skin that would lead to wrinkles and fine lines. 

After a long day outside, the anti-ageing daily routine is complemented with another extra-firming night cream that rejuvenates the skin. 

CLARINS EXTRA-FIRMING NIGHT CREAMRejuvenating Cream - All Skin Types

Although the Extra-Firming Night Cream has more or less the same texture with the Day Cream, but this provides a whole different function to the anti-ageing routines. It acts as a rejuvenating cream that would further reinforces the Extra-Firming Day, to help in maintaining a youthful looking face and prevents the deepening of wrinkles. It provides protection at skin potential at golden timing when skin`s regeneration process is taking place at its peak between 2 - 4am. 

Both the Extra-Firming Day and Night Cream, were created in a unified and intelligent synergy that provides the skin...

Reduces Visible Winkles

Reduces Visible Fine Lines

Create a More Elastic Skin.

Making Skin Looks Firmer.

Lets see some before and after picture. 

After using the product for 4 weeks, I honestly have found radiant and suppleness in my skin. But as for reducing wrinkles part, it wasnt as apparent as it is as I would say I have yet to form any clear or noticeable wrinkles yet. However, the Extra-Firming Cream does rejuvenate my skin restoring skin`s firmess and luminosity, as well as intense hydration and softer. As you can see from the photo, the dullness on my face has been reduced dramatically, giving me a more luminous and radiant skin. 

Likes ♥

  • All the products are pleasantly scented just the way I like it because they have a Japanese master perfumer to create the blend of fruity and floral notes fragrance for the products.
  • Leaves a smooth and velvet finish after application. 
  • Double Serum leaves a light greasy finish but as you apply moisturizer on it, the serum blends in easily and very well with the moisturizer.
  • The Extra-Firming Cream has restore the luminosity and skin evenness to my face, giving it a natural glow.  
  • The Double Serum and Extra-Firming Cream are instantly absorbed into the skin, made my make up application easier without any waiting time.


  • Because the Double Serum is a combination of two serums, it would give a rather greasy finish, if it is not followed by applying moisturizer. 

That`s all from me on my anti-ageing daily routine, till then you may visit www.clarins.com for more information. xoxo

CLARIN Anti-Ageing Series

CLARINS Double Serum, RM 280 (30ml)
CLARINS Extra-Firming Day/Night Cream, RM 300 (50ml)

For more information, kindly visit:-


Website : www.clarins.com

Disclaimer : Products are sponsored but review is based on my personal experience. 


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