Monday, October 28, 2013

[review] bloop Candy Duo Matte Lipstick & Lip Gloss : 02 Ice Plum

In this Halloween season, all the make up brand is showcasing all their funky, dark and creepy tone for everyone to recreate their very own creepy Halloween make up.

To be frank, I have never thought of doing anything on Halloween make up but it was by pure coincident that I came across this Candy Duo Matte Lipstick & Lip Gloss by bloop that would comes in really handy in creating a "blood stained" lip make up for this Halloween.

Introducing the

Bloop Duo Candy 


Rich matte texture
Safe & long lasting
Hydrates & moisturizes
Smooth & even application
Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Double the colours, Double the fun, Matte & Gloss, Colours for everyone !
The interesting part about this bloop product is that you get both the Matte Lipstick & Lip Gloss 2-in-1, without the hassle of bring two different products to touch up your lip make up. And on top of that the "push up" design of the Duo Lipstick & Lip Gloss, keeps both of it in place, making me a little more organized. 

No. 1. To use the lipstick, all you need is just a push up and a pull, like how you would usually do. 

No 2. As for the lip gloss, its a push up and twist the lip gloss applicator and off you go. 

Here are some swatches of the bloop MATTE LIPSTICK & LIP GLOSS on my hand. As you can see from the photo, even the swatch with just the matte lipstick is pretty pigmented and gives a very matte finish to it. While the swatch with a thin layer of lip gloss, gives the whole matte texture a brand new look of a plump up and glossy finish. 

Hence I could say this definitely comes in handy, totally matte or plump up glossy finish within one product !

Before applying any lipstick.

After applying bloop MATTE lipstick.

After applying bloop LIP GLOSS.

And this is my attempt in looking Dracula-ish and I failed >.<.

Verdict : bloop Matte Lipstick is undeniably rich in color and it comes in a very moist texture that doesnt dry up my lips. Usually when its moisturized, it rarely give the long lasting effect but this bloop lipstick lasted quite long on my lips. After a whole day of eating and drinking, there are still a tint of color on my lips by the time I cleanse my face. On the downside for me is that, it is unscented, but on the upside for sensitive people, at least this unscented lipstick will not irritate their nose. As for the lip gloss, it has done an incredible job by complementing the matte lipstick, creating a more pump up and juicy lips !

The packaging of the bloop Matte Lipstick and Lip Gloss does please my tiny little make up pouch, making more room for extra make up products. 

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by bloop and HiShop, but review is based on my personal experience.

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