Thursday, October 24, 2013

Murad Flagship Store @ Empire Gallery Shopping Mall, Subang

Attending the Murad Flagship Store launching at Empire Subang makes me feeling more nostalgic than usual. Simply because it draws back a lot of memories. 

Murad was the first skincare workshop that I have attended that introduced us with the term of EATING OUR WATER and it literally means chomp down your water ! So I was pretty keyed up knowing that they have landed at Empire Subang. 

Murad Flagship Store Launch @ Empire Gallery Shopping Mall

I have personally tried Murad products and loving it to bits. Hence its great to know that Murad is opening its doors to cater the growing needs of customers by introducing Murad Outlets, first outlet in Damansara Utama and now at the Empire Subang. These outlets integrate the revolutionary Water Principle and Inclusive Health approach created by Howard Murad, M.D. (founder of Murad).

Ribbon cutting for the Murad Flagship Store grand opening.

In Murad, they believe the first step to a healthy skin is definitely a skin assessment by a certified Skin Healthy Therapist trained by Murad. Then They provide personalized solution, because one size doesnt fit all. Dr Murad has created 13 distinct product lines to address every skin concern. The best part is that all Murad skin care solution are organized into easy-to-use three-step regimens, with each product clearly marked to indicate the order of use. 

1. Cleanse | Tone
2. Treat | Repair
3. Hydrate | Protect 

Easy Peasy !

So with the new flagship store in Empire Subang, you can easily get the Murad's 12 solution based skincare categories, specifically formulated with the Murad recipe of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators, to deliver glowing, healthy and hydrated skin. 

Other than the 12 solution based skincare, Dr Murad has also come out with the Inclusive Health, a revolutionary system of care created by Dr Murad, that tackles whole body restoration through a 3 faceted approach : 

Looking Better Through High Performance Topical Care; 
Living Better Through Nutritional Care, Dietary Supplements and Exercise; 
Feeling Better Through Strategies for Finding Passion and Managing Daily Stress. 

Do drop by and try out Murad treatment at this new flagship store at Empire Subang. 

 "EAT YOUR WATER, find your passion and remember to take care of the most important person in the world, YOU !" - Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD

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