Sunday, October 6, 2013

L'Oreal Ms Rosy's Afternoon Tea Party @ Angelic Tea & Scones House

Last weekend I took a stroll down to the Champs Elysees at Angelic Tea & Scones House to have a delightful afternoon tea party with Ms Rosy from L'Oreal Paris and all her BFFs.

The afternoon tea prepared by Angelic Tea & Scones House was delightful, it literally made me felt as tho I was dining at some fancy cafe on the road side with the Eiffel Tower behind me. And the best part is that the food they prepared for us was all meat-free aka vegetarian meal but yet its very flavorsome. 

Today is not just an afternoon tea party with Ms Rosy but also to get to know about Ms Rosy's favourite things like lipsticks, pink heels, cellphone, family and friends and of course her secret to her Rosy Fairness skin!

The secret to the radiant smooth Rosy Fairness skin like Ms Rosy, is the L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Double Essence and Day & Night cream, which will give you a fair and rosy glow skin by..

  • Reducing dark spot
  • Skin tone are more even
  • Skin get rosier and radiant

After sharing with us her secret to the radiant skin, Ms Rosy even gave all of us to try it out ourselves and the texture and scent was amazingly pleasant.

The L'Oreal White Perfect Double Essence contains a breakthrough ingredient - Melanin Vanish™, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. It comes in a double pump tube with both Melanin Vanish™ and Toumaline Gemstone to help reduce spots, uneven skin tone.

Skin looks fairer and radiant in just 1 week.

Other than that, Ms Rosy also shared some of her cosmetic with us like her favourite lipstick, BB cream, compact powder by L'Oreal. 

Beautiful hair dressing station was set up by Ms Rosy and her family to pamper all of us from head to toe ! Even I got my hair curled but I am so not used to myself with the extremely curled hair, so I have it straighten back after 5 minutes. Feel so bad for troubling the hairdresser. >.<

As we were busy getting our hair done, some of the lovely ladies were busy making their very own headband with the ribbons, roses, feathers prepared specially for us.

Love our very own headband to the max !

Last but not least the most popular section that everyone was queuing for, the caricature section.

And here are some photos I took with the lovely ladies on that day.

Jennifer posing happily with the two huge roses. ♥

I had such a wonderful time at Ms Rosy Afternoon Tea Party, thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia (here) and L'Oreal Paris for organizing this girly and beautiful tea party for us. 

Looking forward for more tea party ! Yay !

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