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KOJI Dolly Wink x Lash Concierge Workshop

Kawaii des... The cuteness that immersed from Japanese make up brand- Dolly Wink is definitely something that we always think of when it comes to Japanese make up, especially the cute stunning lashes and rosy cheek blusher which I love. 

Hence its my pleasure to be exclusively invited to the

KOJI Dolly Wink x Lash Concierge Workshop 

by the Butterfly Project Malaysia.

In conjunction with the theme of the kawaii make up by Dolly Wink, the whole place at Little Pantry was decorated with everything pink and lovely. How i wish my house looks something like this...

Before introducing the main character of the day, let me bring you through some history about KOJI. Do you know that the KOJI make up is inspired by Geisha with their mesmerizing and pretty make up look, then it comes to the cute girly inspired make up range, Dolly Wink.

Today, KOJI has came out with a new design for their Dolly Wink Eye Lashes Curler which I love it to bits !

The new Dolly Wink Eye Lashes Curler has a bow shaped instead of the usual flat shaped frame. The lashes curler not only can curl up your lashes, it also "fan out" all your lashes as shown in the picture above. Besides that, what I like about the Lashes Curler is that I dont have to close my eyes when I am using it to curl up my lashes, now I can angle the curler better with my eyes wide open !

Another highlight of the day is the new range of lashes aka

Lash Concierge

Lash Concierge is the new range of lashes that gives you a natural look-eyelash which you could hardly distinguish it from your existing lashes. This range of lashes comes in 8 different design and naturalness, which is specially catered for the latest trend of having a natural and simple make up look, so you will achieve a make up yet no make up look for work or outings.

The percentage on each lashes actually describe the level of the naturalness of the lashes, or in other words, how natural it is as compared to our existing lashes. So if let say its a 90% lashes, means it is 90% as natural as our lashes, same applied to the rest.

Lash Concierge - No.1 Pure Smile 90%

Lash Concierge - No. 3 Basic Nude 85%

If you are not sure which lashes suit you, fret now cause now KOJI has come out with a make up mobile application for us to try it out before actually putting it on, isnt it cool ? 

Just search for the application, "KOJI" in your app store, then start doing your virtual lashes demonstration !

Screenshot of KOJI make up application.

After a long introduction of the NEW products from KOJI, lets start off with the lashes application tutorial conducted by KOJI make up artist from Japan. 

Step 1 : Use scissors to cut off the small little knot at each end of the false lashes so it would be more comfortable for your eyes when you put it on. 

Step 2 : Massage the lashes by bending it so it would bend easier following the shape of your eyes.

Step 3 : Apply glue on the lashes and let the glue dry out for abit before putting it. 

Step 4 : Put it on now ! 

Here is how Angline looks before and after putting on the false lashes. 

Angeline doesnt even feel anything on her eyelid because the Lash Concierge lashes were so soft and natural, like as tho it her actual lashes. 

If you are not sure which set of lashes is suitable for you, there is another way other than downloading the mobile application, which is to try out Lash Concierge Eyelash Tester Set available at the store for you to touch and try it on your eyes too. So do head down and try it out ya ! 

Here are some of the products from Dolly Wink. 

Dolly Wink Lashes.

Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara.

Older version of the Dolly Wink Mascara.

New Dolly Wink Mascara with Fibre.

For more information, kindly visit:-

KOJI Dolly Wink

Facebook :

P.S. Thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia for the invites for this dolly event.


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