Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kiss Me Beach Party @ Sunway Lagoon

Feeling pretty excited and perhaps a little shy attending the

Kiss Me Beach Party, 

simply because the dress code for the event is Bikini or Beachwear. I dont have a super slender body like those in the magazines, hence even though I have bought two bikinis from my trip to Phuket but till today I have yet to flaunt it as I am a little bashful with my figure in bikini.

Then again, if I am not going to wear it for the event that day, I highly doubt that I would be putting it on anytime soon. So I trashed my bashfulness off the window and took up the challenge in wearing bikini for the Kiss Me Beach Party ! Yay !

The Kiss Me Beach Party is indeed a splendid one with make up, bikini and fun. Most of the girls that turned up that day, put on their stunning two piece bikini, flaunting their slender figure and of course a full on eye make up by Kiss Me cosmetic, because the highlight of the whole beach party is nothing other than the Kiss Me's Waterproof, Smudgeproof make up and also their new Sunkiller Sunblock ! Hence all of us was given all of it to apply before embarking our splashing station games journey in Sunway Lagoon. 

Once everyone has their stunning make up on, the Kiss Me race started off by having each group's team leader dipping into the pool to get a Kiss Me Sunkiller Sunblock from the pool ! Guess I was quite "lucky" because the first person in the row is automatically selected as the leader and oh yes, I am the first in line. So I got to dip myself into the pool to grab a sunkiller for this first task, off I dip...

After this Kiss Me Sunkiller Dipping task, I have a sense of relief thinking that since it's such a girly event, we will not have anymore hectic and scary tasks, but little do I know that there were 9 more thrilling and daunting tasks awaiting us like... 

The Kiss Me Scary Pirate Ship Ride. 

The Kiss Me Haunted House Adventure.

I shit you not, this literally scared the jam out of a strawberry (Cloudy with the Chance of Meatball 2's line). All the zombies will appear literally when you least expected, the best part is when all of us were paying so much attention listening to the briefing inside the haunted house, there was this zombie popping out from the screen, and literally popping out ! I could barely feel myself at that moment.... >.<

The Kiss Me Red Indian 360 degree Bow Ride.

Going for the 360 degree bow ride without breakfast is sort of stomach-churning tho. But still my advice is, dont go with a full on breakfast else I guess you would be throwing up right after this thrilling ride.

The Kiss Me Ghastly Cockroach Scrabble Word Hunt.

This ghastly cockroach station is simply to dig out all the scrabble word block from the pile of cockroaches and form the words out of it. To my surprise, this station was nothing ghastly for me, by feeling this way makes me deem myself to be very tomboyish. Maybe because there is this little devil inside me that enjoy playing with insects, crashing them, seeing their shell cracks and shatters apart, now I sound like a psychopath. hahaha 

The Kiss Me Arm Wearing Kayaking.

Kayak brought back nothing but exhaustion and also some memories of being at National Service, participating all the outdoors activity like kayak.  

The Kiss Me 5D Splashing Mermaid Counter.

If you think that the 5D Water Adventure in Sunway Lagoon is just a nothing but some water splashing 5D animation, then think again. We literally came out soaking wet after the virtual water slides ride, physical water splashing and pouring in the show. The best part is, even we were soaking wet, our Kiss Me make up are still well-attached on our face, its indeed a Waterproof Make Up by Kiss Me !

The Kiss Me Extreme ATV Public Cheer. 

The Kiss Me Breath-Taking Vuvuzela Ride.

But after such strength strenuous station games, Kiss Me did set up a girly and wonderful pampering session like manicure, photobooth, make up and hair styling, specially for us.

To be honest, I didnt expect us to win anything from the station games because we didnt manage to complete the task and on top of that, we came in late, yet surprisingly my group turned out to be the 4th place for the Kiss Me "Amazing Race". I have nothing to say but big fat thanks to my team members for all the hard work ! hugs and kisses... xoxo

Grand Prize winner happily posing with their hamper. Congratz !

My team and I cant wait to sort out our prizes. muahaha

It was very kind of Kiss Me to giveaway lucky draw to the rest who didnt win anything. So everyone is gathered all around the gifts table queuing for their lucky draw turn. 

Group photo with everyone.

Since I have trashed my bashfulness off the window, so here is my one and only shot in bikini to feed your curiousity. Dont judge. :P

Wearing Bikini reminds me of something funny.

Ladies would flaunt their figures when they are in bikini, ironically when we are in lingerie that looks exactly like a two piece bikini, we would bashfully grab something to cover up. Isnt it funny... LOL

P.S. Thank you Kiss Me and Manoah for such wonderful and girly beach party ! xoxo

*All photos credit to Kiss Me.

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