Monday, October 7, 2013


Due to my current Hong Kong drama addiction - "Triumph in the Skies II", I am so in love with the idea of flying away to the sky like all the birds and humming my favourite song. So I am pairing my current mood with a lovely matching top and bottom piece I got from Bangkok two weeks ago. Its a matching two piece with hummingbirds print cropped top and skirt, which cost only 150 baht for both of it, isnt it super duper cheap for such amazing outfit ? I was incredibly excited after purchasing it because its so nice and cheap, and it only took me 1 minutes to have the itch to put it on immediately. 

How I wish I could just shop again at Bangkok...

Hummingbird print cropped top and skirt - Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Double Strapped Black Pump - MOD
Bracelet - Market at Penang

P.S. Finger crossed. ♥


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Does that really make such a huge different ?
Because I didnt know it would give such a great impact
and I dont intend to leave a mark on it.


  1. <3 this OOTD! So cheap right shopping at Bangkok! with good quality too!

  2. Bangkok, the Shopping paradise!

  3. babe, I brought alots of this type of clothes from bkk too :)

  4. Aiyo. 150 Baht about RM15 so cheap! Your this look can kill people. LOL.

  5. 150 baht for a two-piece outfit is super worth it :D


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