Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hermo Turns Beauty in a CLICK !

Since the day I was introduced to mask and beauty products, I have come out with the routine of having a mask session every once a week just to cosset and hydrate my face, because I always believe that the first few impression of a person is all rely on their face. So looking beautiful especially on face is a must !

Lately I came across this website with a wide collection of beauty products that you can get it with just a CLICK away. Introducing the...

HERMO Beauty Collection

Hermo is your ultimate beauty e-store that provides you a diverse choices of beauty products ranging from mask, eye make up, lotion, cream, tools and accessories, perfume, foot care, lips, body care and the list goes on and on (full list here). This ultimate website also carries some exclusive brands in their e-store too, like Stage, Kose, Shills, Too Cool For School, Naruko, B.liv, PureHeal's and etc (full list here). 

The online beauty collection, is indeed a one stop for your beauty supplies. 

Order any time, from anywhere and NEVER RUN OUT via ! Thousands of skin care and beauty products are at your fingertips, easy peasy.

And all you have to do is wait patiently for 1-3 days and then it will be DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. Save time with less trips to stores, less waiting in line for payment and more money saved from travelling. 

Since doesnt have high cost stores nor rental to pay, they are passing the savings to us, the consumers by providing the LOW PRICES AND GREAT DEALS !

If you are worry that the products are not suitable or what, supports the 14 DAYS REFUND too ! * with terms and conditions apply *

I am super duper excited ♥♥♥ to start my beauty shopping at 

Okay after selecting all the products that I want and need, lets check out my shopping cart. supports various payment platform like MEPS, VISA and Paypal too. So no worries in not having a local bank account, because you can still pay with Paypal. 

Now all I have to do is wait patiently for my parcel to arrive.... Tick tock tick tock...

*** Poof here is it... ***

I was truly amazed with the way handle the parcel. Although the box is a little crocked from the outside but everything were well kept inside a huge box by All the items were wrapped up with bubble wraps even the masks and lotions, ensuring that it is still in a perfect form when I receive it.

Thank you, thats is very thoughtful of you guys ! 

When everything is just at our fingertips, that reminds me of a saying about women and beauty, 

" There is no ugly women, only lazy women that doesn't put effort in looking beautiful. " 

So now beauty shopping has gotten so effortless with, you have no excuse in being a lazy women.

And for all my readers, just check out with my code and you will enjoy a 5% discount from your purchase.


Lets look gorgeous together with !

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Disclaimer : Products are all sponsored but review is based on my personal experience. 


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