Friday, October 25, 2013

Electric Blue

When I was young, I read the book by the Olsen Twins, "So Much To Do, So Little Time," but I never get to comprehend that but now I truly do. Even when I am awfully busy, I would still hanker after a fashionably chic look. So I put up this simple tank dress piece with a scarf I bought from Bangkok, transforming the plain looking tank dress to an evening wear in just a minute. Finishing up my evening wear with a Electric Blue Constance Heels by Kiss & Tell and now I am ready to party all night long ! ♥

Black Tank Dress - Cotton On
Scarf - Bangkok
Envelope Clutch - Something Borrowed, Zalora
Electric Blue Constance Heels - Kiss & Tell

" I dont know who invented High Heels, but all women owe him a lot ! " - Marilyn Monroe

 love ♥, 

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Giving a comb to a monk