Saturday, October 12, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Anniversary x Birthday Party

Happy Anniversary to Benefit and Happy Belated Birthday all the September babies !

For the Benefit 1st Anniversary celebration, all of the September babies were invited to the magical party at the Benefit Boutique in One Utama. 

I am pretty sure to all make up junkie out there, Benefit is definitely known as one of the high-end make up brand in the market. So when they say Benefit is having a September Birthday Party, I am not sure about you but I would certainly RSVP myself for it because I am a huge fan of Benefit. 

The party is not only to celebrate all the lovely September's Babies birthday but also to launch Benefit's GIMME BROW, that could magically transform your skimpy brow to a WOW brow ! 

So in conjunction with the magical GIMME BROW, the party started off with some Abracadabra Magic Show !

Dont be surprise to see a snake in it... Evil grin

Instead of Puking Rainbow, the Magician is Puking Tissue Paper ! #lol

The magic show was very entertaining especially seeing the magician puking tissue paper continuously from his mouth and also the magic act that POOF out a pigeon out of no where. For that one moment, I was enthused in learning magic and go ABRACADABRA !

There goes the magic show and here comes the Benefit Birthday Cake

Everyone was so amazed by the Benefit Birthday Cake. Some how the cake got more attention than the birthday girls. haha

All the September babies, which includes me are blowing the lovely Benefit Cake, hoping to get splurge with more Benefit products. Muahaha

Have you fasten your seat belt for some Magical Journey with the 

Benefit - The Great Browzini GIMME BROW ?

Introducing The Great Browzini GIMME BROW.

GIMME BROW would make your brow magically appear within a split second. The innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair, creating brows where before there were non. Its builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. 

The Innovative GIMME BROW Brush-On Fiber Gel that comes in two shades which are Dark Brown and Light Brown are also WATER RESISTANT, LONG-WEARING, and gives a NATURAL LOOK too !

So lets the magic begins....

* POOF *

Right Eyebrow - WITH GIMME BROW

As seen in the picture, Kahmon brow does look so much fuller and natural after applying the GIMME BROW. 

so GIMME BROW now !

After witnessing such miraculous transformation with Kahmon's brow, how could all of us not try it out ourselves. 

All the September Babies blissfully posing for the camera with their New Brow at Benefit Boutique. ♥

Its my honor to be born on the same month as Benefit and to have a mini birthday celebration in Benefit style organized specially for all of the September babies. I love the specially designed Benefit style Birthday cake and the Birthday gifts to bits. What else could I ask for birthday when I have such an exclusive brand celebrating my birthday for me. * feeling so proud *

This September is indeed a wonderful and amazing month because I was showered with tonnes of love and gifts ! Yay I love September, Thank you BENEFIT ! ♥

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