Friday, October 4, 2013

AES 13 - Asia's Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition 2013

Aesthetic Beauty has became a beauty trend that is more and more discerned today, just to achieve the holistic beauty experience. So Asia's Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition 2013 (AES 13) was here to gather all the top notch beauty, skincare and aesthetics professionals under one roof, to bring a new experience to our beauty industry.

Asia's Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition 2013 (AES 13)

Name : AES 13
Time : 2 - 4 October 2013
Location : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC

AES Expo is a platform that highlights the impressive line-up of skincare and spa brands demonstrating the treatments, trends, and techniques at the cutting edge of beauty in the digital era. With the exclusive and interactive 1-on-1 matchmaking onsite environment, it allowed both exhibitors and visitors to have a detailed explanation and personal demonstration before making the important purchase decision in expanding their businesses and brands to keep up to with the constant evolution of the beauty industry.

The lady is camera aware ! lol >v<

Exclusive hands-on experience of the latest treatments.

The leading exhibitors, including world-class aesthetics and beauty professionals, suppliers, purchase influencers and beauty professionals were given exclusive avenues to raise the profiles of their brands, acquire exceptional quality leads, introduce new product ranges, expand distributorship opportunities and generate extensive media coverage throughout the region. 

As for visitors, they were treated to an entire spectrum of unique branding, lead-generating and marketing techniques in beauty trend concepts, face and body treatment equipment, tools and some hands-on experiences of the latest treatments such as full-body spas, face and hand mapping, steaming and massages, as well as testing and analytical services into the latest beauty techniques. 

On stage demonstration of the technique.

If you have missed out the AES 13 Expo, fret not cause they still have the Beauty 13 Expo that showcases a series of beauty products that might suits you at KLCC from 4 - 7 October 2013, read more at (here).

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