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Stick House Gelato, The Garden

Its Friday, so lets get a stick to goodness without the guilt of getting fat !

The fat-free experience when chomping down a whole stick of gelato is definitely a dream come true for all the ladies out there, including me, because whenever I have the crave for gelato, I would eventually get it off my mind due my cuckoo weight concern. But today


a new innovative healthy gelato concept from Italy has touch down in Malaysia to fix your crave for healthy gelato !

Stickhouse combines the homemade tradition of the Italian art of gelato making and up-to-date technology, in introducing gelato on a stick that has proven popular in many countries. Their gelatos are produced using ONLY 100% NATURAL AND GENUINE INGREDIENTS without adding any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservative. 

Stick House Italian Handcracfted Gelato's Recipe !

The Stickhouse Bases includes Inulin (a vegetable fibre extracted from chicory), Fructose, Carob Bean Flour, Sodium Caseinate, Egg White, and Coating with their selection of PURE CHOCOLATE ! (chocolate is a "heart friend" which helps the cardiovascular system to stay healthy, so dont feel guilty for eating chocolate ! >.< )

But what makes Stick House different ? 

This little Italian Gelato on Stick is
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Zero Air Added so its denser and creamy in term of texture
  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • High Quality Products
  • Healthy & Nutritious

That day we were so lucky because we get to customize our very own stick with anything chocolate dipping ranging from dark chocolate, milk chocolate to white chocolate and also with any topping from almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, chocolate rice to rainbow beads !

Madi ( is posing with the King of Fruits Creamy Gelato from Stick House.

Seeing the White Chocolate dripping from the Gelato Stick does make me drool.

JQ ( is having fun making her own gelato.

Okay now its my turn to customize my stick gelato ! yay !

My very own  Stick House Pistachio Creamy Gelato (RM9.80) with Full  Dark Chocolate Dipping (RM3.00) and Full Almonds Nuts Topping (RM3.00) !

How could I have enough of this lovely creamy flavoursome gelato. So after the Regular Size Pistachio Creamy Gelato, I tried their Raspberry Fruit Sorbet Mini Stick (RM5.80) and it was DABOMB ! The sorbet literally tasted like as tho I am chomping down a physical raspberry in my mouth. You might think its very sweet and yes it is, but this sweetness doesnt numb your gum nor makes me feel nauseated because.... 

  • Its made with fresh fruits
  • Natural Ingredients ONLY
  • No sugar added
  • No preservatives, artificial & coloring
  • No dairy products

I am going nuts now, craving for the gelato from Stick House. 

Stick House's Stick Prices

Mini Stick - RM 5.80
Regular Stick - RM 9.80
Limited Edition Stick - RM 12.80


Full - RM 3.00
Half - RM 1.50

Even if you aint a fan of gelato or you feel this is tad pricey for you but you are so itchy to try, then today its your day because I am here to giveaway vouchers from Stick House for you to try their gelato and sorbet !

4 x 50% OFF voucher from Stick House Italian Handcrafted Gelato

Voucher valid till 30 Nov 2013 (terms and conditions apply).

Good Luck ya ! ~

P.S. All thanks to Nuffnang for the lovely invites to the Stick House, Stick to Goodness without the Guilt ! :)

For more information, kindly visit:-

Stick House Malaysia

Facebook :

Terms and Conditions :-
1. Giveaway starts from 27 September 2013 - 2 October 2013 (11:59pm).
2. Open to all readers residing in Malaysia.
3. Four [4] winners will be selected randomly via
4. Winners will be notified via email.
5. Vouchers are valid for the purchase of mini sticks only with maximum of 5 sticks in one voucher.
6. Dipping and Topping are not included.
7. Available outlet : Sunway Pyramid, Citta Mall, the Gardens Mall
8. Voucher is not applicable with other promotions.

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