Thursday, September 12, 2013

Malones Sham Rock and Roll Irish Party

Let me drool you a little with a late night food post. * evil grin *

So last weekend, I was invited to spend my day like an Irish, with all the Irish food served to pamper my hungry stomach and some Irish Celtic rock band playing at Malones, Sooka Sentral to spice up the mood of the place. To be honest this was my first time going for a Sham Rock and Roll Party and to my surprise, its Malones first time hosting such party too, what a coincident. Because its my first time, thats why I have no idea what to expect in term of the Irish music and food.

As I walked into Malones Irish Restaurant and Bar, the melody from the Celtic rock band - Johnsons Motorcar caught my attention, like seriously cause it was so very folky and with a little rock and roll tempo to it, making the whole folk music sounds much more modernized. 

How could it be an Irish party without some Irish food, so that Malones Irish Restaurant and Bar prepared wonderful authentic Irish dishes to offer everyone a true Irish experience and merry making !

Irish Beef Stew

Seafood and Meat Platter

This would be my favourite Irish dish cause everything was cooked to perfection, especially the beef kebab, the beef cutlet just melt right into my mouth. Yum...

Varieties Burgers & Fries

Chicken and Beef Hotdog with Sweet Onion Gravy

The Irish hotdog, I personally find it quite unique cause the texture wise, it doesnt feel like the usual hotdog we could find in the restaurant or supermarket. This one was abit soft and juicy, which would literally melt  in your mouth just like the beef kebab. 

Fried Chicken Wing

Irish Fish Cake

Mini Irish Sausages

So did I manage to drool you in the middle of the night ? Muahaha

Till then Keep Calm and Drink On at Malones !

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