Thursday, September 19, 2013

Knee High Boots

Boots is a bit unusual to be worn in Malaysia, a tropical rainforest country, but fashion/trend tends to be originated from four season country like US, Europe and all. So they would always feature knee high boots in the fall fashion/trend and because of that I have always been wanting to get a pair of boots and play dressing up. This time around, I was pretty lucky to get this pair of Steve Madden knee high boots from my cousin sister for my fall outfit photoshoot. 

White Tshirt - PDI
Jeans Legging - H&M
Knee High Boots - Steve Madden
Aztec Printed Scarf - Le Ann Maxima
Satchel Sling Bag - H&M 

Does the place look a little like autumn with the dry leaves on the ground ?

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