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[giveaway] September Beauty Kit x Fun Sunday Outing

Feeling more blessed than usual because of yesterday's birthday celebration with my love ones. Oh well, September has always been my favourite month of the year simply because its our (my BFF and I) birth month. Believe it or not, we were born in the same month, same week with only 5 days different, isnt it cool to have your birthday falling on the same month with your BFF.   

So in conjunction with such lovely month of September, I am hosting a 

September Beauty Kit Giveaway 

in collaboration with Cindy's Planet. 

This September Beauty Kit giveaway is like a compilation of many beauty products that would pamper you from head to toe and even your growling stomach ! Lets start from the top on what the beauty kit has install for your hair.

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil

We have sponsor from L'Oreal Professionnel which will be giving away their latest product in the list, the Mythic Oil specially for you, in order to create a silky smooth, soft and airy hair after using it !

For more information :

After achieving a silky smooth hair, the beauty kit has goodies from Etude House which worth up to RM 150 for your face and skin !

Etude House

I am sure Etude House is no stranger to all beauty lover out there. Etude House never fail to bring us all the cute pinky and korean looking make up and skincare products. My favourite product by Etude House at the moment is their newly launched super easy to apply and pleasantly scented, Any Cushion Foundation. (read my review here). Who knows maybe you could find this lovely Any Cushion Foundation in this beauty kit !

For more information :

If you think Etude House goodies is not enough for you, then I have this specially personalized beauty box for you, the...

Customizable Vanity Trove

Vanity Trove is known with their pink and white beauty boxes. Did you know that now you can customize your very own Vanity Trove to suit your skin type so no worries in getting products that doesnt suits your skin. So customizing your own Vanity Trove is easy peasy (read steps in customizing, here) and it only takes 7 days to have it delivered to your door steps. Isnt it as simple as ABC ? You may read my very personalized Vanity Trove experience (here).

For more information :

So once you get all your hair and skin ready, all you need is a beautiful dress to go with it ! Nothing better than getting it from 


Seqoci’s uniqueness is that they sell styles, so the product shots are normally styled with a full outfit and matching accessories. All pieces are handpicked and styled by them before they put it up on the website. Seqoci also provides a 30 days return policy, so if you receive your product and for some reason you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit then you can return or exchange it to us within 30 days. You can find Melissa shoes at Seqoci too. All their designs are genuine and the latest designs from Brazil and some are not available in Malaysia. Sign up now to get RM 50 discount voucher !

I personally like the idea that they style the outfit in their website because it gives me an idea on how to put it on after purchasing it, e.g. the matching top and bottom (picture as above, for more read here) and the fishtail blouse (here). How was it ? Yay ?

For more information :

As a Malaysian, how could we leave out the stomach. So lets chomp down the burger from

Big Chomp Burger

Big Chomp Burger are just an ordinary group of passionate eater who enjoys great food from all places just like you do. The thing that makes Big Chomp Burger different from others is that, at Big Chomp you dont have to eat your burger with fork and knife, you can CHOMP a mouthful of burger down with your hand and lick your fingers like there is no tomorrow ! CHOMPPPPP... CHOMPP....

Lambogenie Burger by Big Chomp Burger, photo credit to Cindy
LAMBOGENIE is the new patty invention by Big Chomp Burger ! Its grilled with 150 gram of Australia minced succulent and juicy lamb patty, top with melted slice cheese and crispy smoke chicken bacon, slice fresh tomato, fresh slices of butter lettuce as the vegetable base, and top everything with the mouth watering Big Chomp's Lovey Berry Sauce. The "Lamb"ogenie is just a divine master piece burger that no one would want to miss !! Get a chomp and feel the genie from BIG CHOMP BURGER !!

For more information :

So lets get down to what I have in this September Beauty Kit for my lovely readers...

Grand Prize :

1 x Goodies from Etude House
1 x SEQOCI dress of your choice
1 x L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
1 x Customizable Vanity Trove
1 x Complimentary Dining Experience at Big Chomp Burger

3 x Consolation Prizes

Mystery Beauty Box worth up to RM 60

Complete all the steps in the Rafflecopter below to stand a higher chance in winning.

Good Luck ya all ~!

Cindy's blog is also hosting this giveaway, you can join hers to stand a higher chance in winning !

Note : Selected winners have to attend the event "Fun Sunday Outing" to collect the prize, if the winner fail to do, the prize will be passed down to the next winner in line. 

I know its sad that I can only select one winner for the September Beauty Kit giveaway ! =( 

But fret not because we have more stuff install for all our lovely readers at the 

"Fun Sunday Outing with Cindy's Planet and Small and Hot" 

happening at Big Chomp Burger, SS15

On 6 Oct 2013 the Big Chomp Burger will be transformed into a mini bazaar with clothes, beauty boxes, hair products, Colour of Life Charity Drive (yes you can buy the exquisite recycle bag on that day too) and many more. Instagram addict, you wouldnt want to miss this because we are having an Instagram contest on that day with prizes worth up to RM 1000 to be won ! 

Colour For Life Exquisite Recycle Bag Design (more information here).

In conjunction with this awesome event, Big Chomp Burger is having a Buy 1 FREE 1 and 50% off promotion for their burgers too.  So tag your friends and family along and CHOMP... CHOMP... CHOMP... in this awesome event ! 

RSVP here ( ) to get your BUY 1 FREE 1 Burger set ! 
*limited to first 30 people that RSVP and turn up*

Terms and Conditions for September Beauty Kit giveaway:
1. Contest starts from 18 September 2013 - 27 September 2013, 11:59pm.
2. Open to all readers residing in Malaysia.
3. All winners will be selected via
4. Winner can only win from or
5. Winners will be notified via email  by 29 September 2013. 
6. Grand Prize Winner has to select your choice of dress at and customize your Vanity Trove at from 30 September 2013 - 2 September 2013, 11:59pm.
7. All prizes have to be collected from the event, "Fun Sunday Outing with Cindy's Planet and Small and Hot" on 6 Oct 2013. 
8. Small and Hot has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway, subject to the availability of the prizes. 

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