Friday, August 2, 2013

[review] Samsung Galaxy Camera WiFi & 3G Experience

How time flies.. I still remember a few months ago I was taking photo with the slim and light weighted Samsung Galaxy Camera WiFi & 3G, putting into my handbag without feeling heavy at all, and now I am back with the bulky DSLR camera…

How I wish I could turn back time…

Okay I shall stop beating around the bust, here are some raw photos I have taken with the Samsung Galaxy Camera WiFi & 3G which I have done not even a single bit of editing except for resizing it to 30% of the original size, so I can upload all of it faster. All these I could only blame it on my snail alike internet speed. Shots are all taken with auto mode unless stated otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy Camera (People)

Beauty Mode 

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Landscape/Building)

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Food)

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Misc.)

The part I like about the Samsung Galaxy Camera despite of the light and slim design, is the instant photo editing apps, literally apps that you can download from the Play Store. This is very important for instagram addict like me who likes to add text or stickers to the photo before uploading, because now I don’t have to transfer to my laptop and then re-transfer to my photo to be edited and then only upload to instagram. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Edited Photos)

Likes ♥

  • Slim and light design
  • Wide and 4.8" HD super clear camera display
  • Multiple mode to take photo (i.e. beauty mode, landscape mode, macro mode and etc)
  • Photos are very sharp and bright by itself.
  • Downloadable photo application from Play Store for photo editing
  • Instant photo upload to social media platform
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera WiFi & 3G is like the camera + phone, just the thing a social media junkie needs


  • Nothing I dont like about it, except for the part where photos are quite noisy when its being zoomed in.

My rating for the Samsung Galaxy Camera : 4 / 5

P.S. Miss the time I have with the slim and sexy Samsung Galaxy Camera. :'(

Disclaimer : The product are sponsored, but review is based on my personal experience.

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Better late than never ;)