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[review] My Personalized Vanity Trove

Vanity Trove has just launched a new beauty box that is customizable to cater to one`s need and preference. Like literally you can handpick your very own beauty products to be put inside the Vanity Trove beauty box, and its just a few click away ! Check it out here.

After choosing my 8 lovely beauty products from Vanity Trove website, all it took was 7 days for it to arrive at my doorstep and here it is, my very first -

Personalized Vanity Trove Beauty Box

Lets start the unboxing process and see what I have handpicked for myself. Muahahaha

I just love having the beautifully scent bombard my senses every time I unbox a beauty box so I took two lovely scented products which have also present in Vanity Trove May edition and they are... 

Personalized Vanity Trove : Heaven On Earth Essential Oil - Lavender, RM 50 (5ml)

How could you resist the soothing and calming Lavender essential oil from Heaven On Earth ! Read more at here.

Personalized Vanity Trove : Tilley`s Goat Milk Soap, RM 12 (Single Bar) | RM 26 (Twin-Pack)

You might not be a huge fan of a bar of soap but you would certainly fall for the smell of it, just like me. Read more at here.

Personalized Vanity Trove : Benefit the POREfessional (7.5ml)

Love to bits to have such exclusive brand to be in a beauty box.

Personalized Vanity Trove : Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover, RM 26.90 (145ml)

Got this from Vanity Trove June and I fell in love with it instantly ! Read more at here.

Personalized Vanity Trove : TT Mask Orchid Extract Brightening Mask (1 piece)

This is definitely my savior after a long day of working in front of the computer, refreshing my skin and nourishing it with all the nutrients it needs. Read my review on the other TT Mask, here.

Personalized Vanity Trove : di palomo Tuscan Rose Enriching Hand & Nail Cream

Loving my personalized Vanity Trove to bits ! 
Now I have no problem in getting the beauty products that are unsuitable for my skin. So whatcha waiting for ? Get your very own Customizable Beauty Box now from

For more information, kindly visit :-

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Disclaimer : Products are received from blogger collaboration with Vanity Trove, but review is based on my personal experience.

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