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[review] Ludeya Brightening Moisturising Bio Cellulose Mask

One of the perk of being a beauty blogger is that I get to try and review on different type of beauty products and sometimes even the ones that have yet to launch like eyeliner, mascara, skincare products and etc. 

This time around Sasa was so generous that they sent me 

4 pieces of Ludeya Moisturing Mask 

to review on. All of it basically are Ludeya moisturising mask but the only different is that each has an extra function by itself like Ludeya Repairing Moisturising, Hydro White Moisturising, Rejuvenating Moisturising and Brigtening Moisturising. 

New Hydro Velour Bio Cellulose Mask

This specially formulated mask is made up of hydro velour, a kind of bio cellulose membranes that is produced by Acetobacter via fermentation process. It is chemically pure, free of lignin and emicellulose, high crystallinity and high DP, diameter 1/100 of that of plant cellulose, complex polysaccharide with crystalline morphology, Biodegradable and more resistant to hydrolysis than starch. It has a high purity, high mechanical strength, fine reticular tissue and high water absorptive power with excellent expansibility. The density gradient configuration not only enhances the transfer efficiency of essence from membrane to the dermal but also provides perfect fit to your skin. 

Today I am going to review on the Ludeya Brightening Moisturising mask simply because being fair has always been a typical Asian`s beauty goal ! Guilty for that. =P

Ludeya Brightening Moisturing Mask

The Ludeya Mask was very rich with the mask essence because once I open up the packet, all I can see in the packet is the mask soaking in the overloading mask essence in the packet. I can even use the leftover essence in the packet to put it on my neck and arm area.

The instruction in applying the mask is actually in Chinese, so if you have problem in understanding it, I will show you step by step in doing it. 

Step 1 : Remove the white plastic layer from the mask.

Step 2 : Put on the mask on with the blue layer facing outwards.

Step 3 : Remove the blue recycle paper texture-ish layer with the mask on your face.

Note : It should be done with the mask on your face, but because if I am doing it that on my face, I would have a difficult time in take picture of it. So I did it on my hand instead.

Step 4 : This is how it would look like. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and you may peal it off.

So is this mask a yay or nay for me ? Lets the before and after pictures tell the result.

Likes ♥

  • The mask has a huge coverage on face even the under-eye section are covered, suitable for people with huge face.
  • The sticky white layer was very gluey that it adhere on face without any trouble of slipping off or adjusting it over and over again.  
  • Provide an instant whitening effect on my face.
  • My face was really supple and "bouncy", making it fully moisturized after using it.
  • Something really new for me to try because I have never put on a mask that comes in three layers. The one that I usually put on is just two layers by itself.


  • The mask was quite huge in size that even my lips are covered which is rather inconvenient and uneasy for me.

My rating for the Ludeya Brightening Moisturing Mask : 3.5/5

You may get the Ludeya mask is exclusively available in Sasa Malaysia. So go on and try it for yourself !

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by Sasa Malaysia, but review is based on my personal experience.

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