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[review] Etude House Almighty Any Cushion Foundation

Was always drooling over the pinky and girly cosmetics and skincare products from Etude House, not because I need it but simply because it looks so cute and beautiful. 

After the CC cream, this time around Etude House will be bringing another new member to their big pinky family which is the ...

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation 

And the best part of it is that, I get to be among the very first to lay my hand on this Etude House Cushion Foundation ! YAy !

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation`s design concept is to achieve an all day long-lasting soft & gorgeous makeup with perfect fitness on skin ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, even under strong sunlight or against cold air ! 

This little pink baby comes with 6 benefits !

1. Pearly Soft Skin

The Etude House Almighty Cushion Foundation brightens up the skin just like a pearl with their pearl mineral powder and niacin amide that has whitening effect. Do I look brighter and fairer now with the Almighty Foundation on me ?

2. 6 in 1 Speedy

The Almighty Cushion Foundation has a mixture of Sunblock (SPF 50/PA++) + Sebum Powder + Moisture Essence + Whitening Essence + Foundation + Cooling Function all in one product and the best part is that it takes only 10 seconds to finish make up with this product. 

OMG, It comes with 6 in 1 Multitasking that takes only 10 seconds to complete, so now I will never be late for my date anymore ! :D

3. Easy Stamping Technique

I am not sure how many of you have tried this cushion type of make up that comes with puff but I am so in love with the puff right now. The puff makes the stamping easy-peasy, I need not to rub it on my face over and over again with this puff stamping technique. The easy stamping technique is because they use an exclusive air puff that could evenly spread liquid foundation in holding cushion to fix makeup quickly and simply. 

See, by just dabbing the puff on the foundation, it already gives a sort of blended foundation on the puff.

4. Complete Coverage and Perfect Fitting

This Almighty Cushion Foundation not only brighten up skin but also gives a complete coverage and perfect fitness to skin without a single smear. Plus the sebum control powder they have inside removes oil so it prevents my skin looking greasy, making my skin looks flawless, tho originally my skin is already silky smooth. Haha Sorry for being so full of myself. =P

5. Moisture Lock

OMG this feature is my utmost favourite of them all. Every puff moisturize skin all the way deep inside while keeping satin finish with the Hyaluronic Acid Sodium that contains plenty of water and help moisturizing too. 

I shyt you not, the cushion foundation gives an instant cooling sensation every time I dab the puff of foundation on my face !

Okay lemme show you how does the Etude House Almighty Foundation looks on my face. Do note that I have removed make up on face, except for my eyeliner.

Left is with the Almighty Cushion Foundation and Right is without. As you can see from the picture, the Left has a smoother and matte finish as compared to the right. Besides, it covered up all the pores on my cheek, giving my a flawless skin and the best part is that my skin doesnt feel dry putting on the Almighty Foundation.

Here is how it looks on both side of my face. 

As you can see from the picture, the coverage is not too thick because you can still see thin fine lines or pores on my skin. So its perfect for an everyday wearing, especially when you are too lazy to put on any make up, this would be good enough for you to create a natural make up look. 

I feel this Almighty Cushion Foundation is just nice for a "super duper lazy to apply sunblock people" like me because other than creating a smoother and clean finish on face, it comes with SPF 50/PA++ sunblock too. This really save my time and hassle in applying sunblock separately, yay ! 

The cooling sensation that comes with each dab of the puff on my face is also one of my love !

I can now apply Etude House Almighty Cushion Foundation anytime, anywhere with a clean and brighter finish, making my make up routine much easier and faster !

My rating for the Etude House Almighty Cushion Foundation : 4.5 / 5

Before I end, I want to show off my CELINE ME ALONE white tshirt that I got from Ashleyat11th. ♥

Mark your calender and head down to Etude House in September to grab this new Almighty Cushion Foundation ya !

The Any Cushion Foundation (RP : MYR 109.90) comes in two shades, which is W13 NATURAL BEIGE & W24 HONEY BEIGE to cater for different skin tone. As the one I am currently featuring in my blog is the W13 Natural Beige. 

For more information, kindly visit :-

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Disclaimer : Product is sponsored by Etude House, but review is based on my personal experience.

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