Friday, August 23, 2013

Rainbow Jumpsuit

Now, I am not sure when was the last time I put on a jumpsuit because I remember there was one season I used to wear jumpsuit whenever I go out, like the floral day dress alike jumpsuit, denim type of jumpsuit and etc. Well, this particular Rainbow Jumpsuit caught my attention when I was browsing a blogshop, Ashley at 11th (, I couldnt help myself by owning one of it. And guess what, it only took me 1 minutes in unwrapping the parcel and put on this Rainbow Jumpsuit once it arrived at my doorstep and I love it instantly ! The color are so vibrant and colorful, making me feel so blissful and cheerful by just wearing it. If you notice its actually a mirror piece, which is also one of the trend lately. 

Rainbow Jumpsuit - Ashley at 11th (
Black Pump with Two Straps - MOD, Sunway Pyramid

Oppsie, got busted for checking my photo while waiting.

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