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NBrew, the Nitrogen Ice-Cream Tasting Session

After such a long day, all I need is a little sweetness to tingle my tastebuds and mood as well. This reminds me of ...

NBrew, the Nitrogen Ice-Cream 

that I had a week ago at Mid Valley (next to Romp, Cotton On) which was divine.

Since nitrogen ice-cream has created a big fuss in KL lately, I have been dying to try one but the queue has always been so freaking long, so I would eventually just walk off without trying it. But this time around, all thanks to Nuffnang, I get to join the NBrew tasting session and the best part is that I get a hands-on experience in making my own nitrogen ice-cream too ! * a big hug to Nuffnang *

The whole place was decorated pretty much like a chemistry lab with all the apparatus on the counter and the staff are all in white lab coat and gloves. Besides that, they even have a periodic table of NBrew as their wall paper, isnt that cool ?!

Before we can lay our hand in doing anything, we were given a briefing and demonstration in making one first by Colin,  the co-founder of NBrew. 

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Filling up the jar with liquid nitrogen.

Showing us how liquid nitrogen would look like on a container.

So now let the NBrew nitrogen ice-cream making started !

1. Get all the apparatus ready to mix and blend.

2. Prepare the flavouring (eg. vanilla) by pouring it out from the conical flask (if I am not mistaken with the apparatu`s name)

FYI, all the flavouring from NBrew are made out of the original food flavouring, like the Vanilla syrup was scraped off from an actual Vanilla pod, you can see it from the black bits from the ice-cream later on.

3. Pour Liquid Nitrogen gently into the mixer.

4. Repeating the pouring till the ice-cream hardens.

Vanilla Nitrogen Ice-Cream

If you look at the picture carefully, you can see there are tiny black dots, which aka bits from the vanilla pod. 

The Vanilla Nitrogen Ice-Cream was the very first flavour we got to try, and all of us were like cant wait for more ! The texture was so smooth and creamy, it just glide down my throat effortlessly, leaving a light vanilla after taste in my mouth. For a person who doesnt fancy vanilla ice-cream like me, I would ask for an extra scoop or perhaps make it two ! So you can imagine how yummy-licious it is.

Yay now its my turn to play ice-cream scientist, in making the sinful yet delicious DOUBLE BELGIUM CHOCOLATE ice-cream. 

Double Belgium Chocolate Nitrogen Ice-cream

Okay the DOUBLE BELGIUM CHOCOLATE nitrogen ice-cream is ready to tantalize your tastebuds ! Its another BOMB that glide down your throat, even the whole two scoops will not make you feel sick or nauseated with chocolates, it will only leave you crying for more !

Mango Yogurt Nitrogen Ice-Cream

Here is another perfectly done Mango Yogurt ice-cream by bloggers. I guess I need not to explain much  on the flavouring or texture cause its another THUMBS UP !

Avocado and Gula Melaka Nitrogen Ice-Cream

Everything was divine, but nothing beats my favourite, the Avocado and Gula Melaka Nitrogen Ice-Cream ! If you dont know, I am a huge fan for anything with Avocado, and this is my first time seeing avocado being incorporated into an ice-cream. So how could I say no in trying tho I was a little skeptical with the mishmash of avocado with gula melaka, but to my surprise, it was like DABOMB ! The sweetness of the gula melaka brings out the best out of the plain and creamy avocado, making it so flavoursome. I would definitely return for more of this little baby !

Another ice-cream combo that we get to try is the new mishmash of espresso with avocado ice-cream. This combination sort of bring back some childhood memory cause it tasted like Kopiko candies, with the chunks of caramelized sugar that comes along with the ice-cream. Isnt it amazing, just add a few drops of espresso into the ice-cream, and it makes the bland avocado ice-cream into something spectacular, brings your tongue to another heavenly place. candiesss..

A big fat thanks to Nuffnang and NBrew for making my day and spoiling my tastebuds with such awesome nitrogen ice-cream. 

For more information, kindly visit :-


  • F 074A Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
  • 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10am - 10pm (daily)

Website : www.nbrewinternational.com
Facebook : facebook.com/nbrewinternational

P/S. It felt like it was just yesterday.

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