Monday, August 12, 2013

Joblogy, a one stop Part Time Job website

Still remember the time I was looking for part time job during my school holiday, I was looking up and down over the newspaper, magazine, website, asking my friends for any part time job vacancies, but all I got is nothing. How I wish that Joblogy was there during that time, making my part time job searching process easy-peasy...

We are familiar with Sociology, Psychology, Biology and all but what is Joblogy ?

Wondering what Joblogy is ?

Joblogy the new website that`s great for searching part time work in KL. I could say its like a part time work one stop center. Well if you not a fan of part time job like me, then you can utilize the website to hunt for internship, full time job and all. The company also operates

Numerous job listing at

Lemme share with you why I like part time job rather than full time job. My reason is as simple as ABC, because it needs no commitment ! I only have to work for like a fix period of a few days, a week or the longest would be a month time and I get paid very high as compared to full time job. Yay !

Who says its troublesome to look for your dream job ?

Now with Joblogy, looking for my dream job is just one click away ! Just key in what area I prefer to work (eg Accounting Jobs  ) because I heard they earn a lot $$. Muahahaha. Then click SEARCH JOBS. And I can even select my location option like within 10km, 25km and etc. * always go for the nearer ones so I can wake up late and skip the morning traffic :P *

Recently Joblogy has even expanded to Singapore to serve the home industry there, . So all my friends in Singapore, you can sign up to be a tutor at too.

Whatcha waiting for now ? Sign up for Part Time job from Joblogy and start earning your own pocket money. $$$

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