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IDOtshirt : Step-by-step to get your I LOVE MY tshirt

Goodby July, and here comes the month of August. When it comes to August, all I can associate with August is our Independent Day (Hari Merdeka) on the 31 August.  

To celebrate such memorable day, IDOtshirt has come out with a collection of t-shirt design to celebrate our love for Malaysia. So go get your very own tshirt from now !

What is idotshirt ? is a Malaysian online game play that allows you to personalize your very own t-shirt design. We build variant graphic themes you can choose from, let you fill in the words of your choice and print them on the tee for you. 

Currently idotshirt is pre-launching their -  ♥ LOVE MY THEME

This collection features 16 hearts design representing the essence & uniqueness of Malaysia like the Malaysia Flag, King of Fruit - Durian, Penang Bridge, Wau, Tiger and etc. 

There is a variety of I ♥ MY t-shirt design that you can choose from like ...

I MY on a white tshirt

I MY on a black tshirt

Roar  on a white tshirt

Durio  on a white tshirt

The heart aint just plain printed design like the normal I ♥ MY that you can get from anywhere else and will fade off as you wash the tshirt. In IDOtshirt, the heart design will definitely last much much longer than that cause it`s an embroidery of the heart design on the t-shirt.

So now are you tempted to get yourself a tshirt from to celebrate your love for Malaysia ?

Lemme show you step by step on how to do it. 

Step 1 : Choose your favourite I ♥ MY tshirt design.

Step 2 : Add to Cart 

Step 3 - Confirm on your purchase.

Step 4 - Login or Sign up for an account at

Upon your sign up, you will have to fill up your particulars (i.e. Name, Mailing Address, Tel No and etc)

Step 5 - Confirm your mailing/delivery address.

Step 6 - Confirm your shipping order.

Step 7 - Choose your payment method.

Step 8 - Yay, now you can just wait patiently for your IDOtshirt to arrive at your doorstep ! 

 If you are in KL, you can also drop by their booth to check out the IDOtshirt !

BIJOU Bazaar, Publika 
from 22 July 2013 - 4 August 2013

IDOtshirt is also launching Version 1 onsite soon which features 3 main theme designs with creative designed graphics for users to customize their very own t-shirt. There will be additional choices of t-shirt color and types of printing method - silk screen, velvet and etc. 

So do stay tune for the upcoming collection by !

Lets show our for Malaysia on this Independent Day !

For more information, kindly visit :-

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Instagram : @idotshirt

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