Friday, August 30, 2013

Black Skort

Skort (a pants that was made to look like a skirt from the front) was initially designed for sports to ease the movement of sportwomen but I am not sure when it has also been taken as a fashion trend that everyone likes which includes me. Skorts evolved from just a piece of cloth in front of the shorts into this beautiful Zara Inspired piece that has triangular shape layering the front. The first time I came across this lovely skort was from insta-feeding, and I can tell you it was an instant "must get" reaction. So I got one for myself from Ashley at 11th without a single hesitation and now I am loving it. ♥

Plain White Long Sleeves Tshirt - Uniqlo
Zara Inspired Black Skort - Ashley At 11th (here)
Red Pump - Payless
Black Tote - Some unknown shop from oversea
Sunglasses - Cotton On
Feathery Double Layered Necklace - Diva

Love this Zara Inspired Black Skort to the max ! 

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