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AUPRES Pampering Session with MIVVA

Weeks ago, I was invited to the Aupres Pampering Session with MIVVA beauty box at ZANG TOI cafe which nestled right inside the Pavilion Parkson. To be honest I was pretty excited with this pampering session as I have a first-sight try love with their Active Sleeping Mask after trying it from May MIVVA (here). Yay !

AUPRES has the whole place beautifully embellished with pink roses and flowers on each station and tables, pampering our sight first before we start to be pampered from head to toe. 

If you are wondering what AUPRES is about, 

AUPRES (pronounce as AUPRE with a silent "s") is a skincare and makeup brand created exclusively for Asians by Asians, tho it is branded by a French name. AUPRES, means "next to you, close to you" in French, which basically upholds the philosophy of "High Qualiy", "High Service" and "High Image". In line with that, AUPRES never fail to provide Asian women with prestigious option of achieving and maintaining their beautiful skin.  

On that day, there are a couple station for everyone there to experience and try on all the AUPRES skincare and make up products.

AUPRES Skin Consultation Station

Here we get to try on various AUPRES skincare products like the Active Sleeping Mask, AUPRES Ultimate White range and etc. I was pretty surprise to find out that all of the AUPRES products come with this lovely soothing scent just like the Active Sleeping Mask that I have tried earlier. At that one moment I was tempted to like buy their whole collection simply because I was so awestruck by the scent of it. Well you know how much I love my skincare products to be lovely scented right.

Pampering my hand with AUPRES Active Sleeping Mask. * awwww... *

AUPRES Hand Massage Station

After a long day of typing and blogging, this is what all of us need, a soothing and relaxing hand massage !  

AUPRES Cupcake Decorating Station

It was so nice of the organizing team in having this small little station for us to play dressing up with AUPRES cupcakes while waiting for our turn at the other station. How does my cupcake look ? As pretty as all the AUPRES products that never fail to make every women look elegantly gorgeous ? lol

Wendy is busy decorating her cupcake. :)

AUPRES Makeup Station

Yay, at last its my turn for the AUPRES Make-up Station to be pampered by AUPRES two new babies,a stay luxurious lip glaze and dimensional face creator. This season, AUPRES wants you to play up your best features with the sweetest shades from their makeup series. The latest updates from the make up lineup are Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze and Dimentional Face Creator, both developed to a deliver a luminous finish.

AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze and Dimensional Face Creator

AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze

This new lip glaze is the perfect combination of lip stick and lip gloss. With ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, water-soluble collagen and Royal Jelly extract, the formula is nourishing yet light on lips. The special two-sided want picks up just the right amount of the product with the smooth and flat surface, while the plumped up surface spreads the lip glaze beautifully and elegantly over lips for an even finish. Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze comes in 12 vibrant, shimmering colors that make lips shine like a diamond !

So here is how I look after the make up touch up with the new AUPRES lip glaze and face creator.

Now its Jennifer turn for make up. 

Some photos with Michelle and Bendan.

Okay lovely ones, do you want a piece of this two babies from AUPRES, the Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze and Dimensional Face Creator ? 

If your answer is YES, then drop me a comment on this blog post. Get all your friends to comment as well if you really want this because once this blog post reaches 20 comments, I`ll do a  blog giveaway to give out this AUPRES lip glaze and face creator. Yay !

Show me how much you want this new AUPRES lip glaze and face creator !

P.S. Giveaway is up at (here).

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