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Watson Azam Raya with Faizal Tahir !

"Look Good, Feel Great with Watson & Faizal Tahir on this Raya !"

This Ramadhan, Malaysians have more reasons to celebrate Aidilfitri, as leading health and beauty retail brand, Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd announces its unique campaign on "Look Good, Feel Great" beauty resolution for Raya today.

For this beautiful month-long festive campaign entitled 

"Azam Raya Bersama Watsons", 

Malaysians are welcomed to share their Raya resolutions from 18 July 2013 till Raya, in Watsons Facebook page at ( For each resolution posted, Watsons will present RM 5 worth beauty care vouchers to the participants during the campaign.

Official Launch of Raya Campaign by Ms.Jessica Ng, Marketing & Development Director of Watsons Malaysia, Mr. Faizal Tahir, & Mr.Danny Hoh, Marketing Controller of Watsons Malaysia

Not only Watsons is giving out vouchers to spend on this festive season, they have also invited Faizal Tahir, appointed celebrity ambassador of Azam Raya Bersama Watsons campaign to compose a Raya song with the resolutions posted on facebook and it will be aired just before Hari Raya on major TV, Radio Stations , Watsons facebook page and youtube ! So now you can sing along with your resolution inspired Raya song by Faizal Tahir as you drive back home to celebrate Aidilfitri. 

The good news aren`t stopping here yet. Faizal Tahir will also be performing at the open house of one of the lucky participants who will be selected based on the Azam post on facebook. And the best part is that Watsons will sponsor the whole open house in terms of catering, right at the home of the winner ! What else could you ask for, when you can have the famous Faizal Tahir to be at your house for Raya !

Chit-chat session with Ms.Jessica Ng, Marketing & Development Director of Watsons Malaysia, Mr.Faizal Tahir, & Mr.Danny Hoh, Marketing Controller of Watsons Malaysia

"The holy month of Ramadhan is a joyous time for giving and sharing. In keeping with the spirit of this festive season, Watsons is happy to share our new campaign Azam Raya Bersama Watsons, with an objective to provide a platform to our valuable customers to share their Azam (wishes) and inspire one another with the upligting stories. What's more exciting is that our celebrity ambassador Faizal Tahir will compose an exclusive Raya song by seeking inspiration from the Azam posted on the facebook page. " 
(by Jessica Ng, Director of Marketing and Business of Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn. Bhd.)

I am sure this Raya is going to be a special one when you get to be part of Faizal Tahir's Raya song and perhaps lucky enough to have him to perform at your open house, your very personal Raya concert with Faizal Tahir at home. Everyone would definitely be extremely jealous of you ! 

"I am thrilled to be part of Azam Raya Bersama Watsons campaign as I want to compose a song for Malaysians, contributed by Malaysians. Every Azam counts because the more you share, the more inspiration I will seek to compose a heartwarming Raya song." 
(by Faizal Tahir at the launch)

So keep the Azam coming to inspire Faizal Tahir in composing a Malaysians Raya Song !

Concurrently, there will be a major Raya Sales happening from 18 July to 2 September 2013 at all Watsons outlets in the Peninsular Malaysia and 25 July to 9 September at Sabah and Sarawak. Spend RM 30 and above from Watsons participating brands during that period can score yourself tickets to attend Watsons Hari Raya Celebration with Faizal Tahir on 6 September 2013 at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru !

Watcha waiting for, head down to Watson Malaysia Azam Raya facebook page starting from tomorrow (18 July 2013) to write down your Azam for this coming Raya and you might stand a chance to meet Faizal Tahir in person !

P.S. What should I wish for ? hmmm...

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