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[tutorial + review] 3 Steps, 2 bloop Cosmetic & 1 Kissable Lips !

"bloop up your sexy lips !"

If I ever go for shopping and come across the cosmetic department, I would always have the tendency to drool over any pretty looking lips cosmetic, simply because I find it fun to play around with lip make up and the idea of having glossy and juicy lips is what I believe is the new sexy. Hence I am here today to introduce two bloop lip products I received from the bloop candylicious party earlier (here). And also a simple tutorial in "blooping up your lips" with it, the bloop products are :

307 lipstick

The three swatches on my hand are based on the number of layer I have applied. As shown in the picture, the bloop lipstick wasnt that pigmented, it has a very light and sweet coral pink color with a hint of gloss in it. Even after the 5th application, it only shows a medium coral pink tone. But on the upside, it remarkably moisturized, so it can be glided over your lips effortlessly. 

bloop lipgloss

On the other hand, the bloop lip gloss are highly pigmented and glossy ! One part of it, I thought of using it as it is without any lipstick. The top swatch is the very fresh first dab of the lip gloss taken straight from the tube and the following two are the remaining lip gloss after the first dab. So as seen, the first dab was very gooey, glossy and rich. 

Okay are you ready for my 3 steps tutorial to bloop up your lips ?

Step 1 : Apply bloop lipstick. 

Its preferable to apply the lipstick from the middle part of your lips and glide it all the way to the side, so that the you would have a richer color in the middle part. 

Step 2 : Slight bite on lips.

Slightly bite your lips a bit to even out the color of the lipstick on both lips.

Step 3 : bloop up with a lip gloss.

Only dab the bloop lip gloss on the middle part of your lips to give a fuller and glossy lips. Do not over do it else it would looks like you have taken some extremely oily food instead of a smoochable glossy lips. If you want to even out the lipgloss on both lips, repeat Step 2 which is biting your lips. 

Lets see my before and after the 3 Steps in blooping up my lips. 

Before applying any lipstick or lip gloss.

After applying bloop 307 lipstick.

After applying bloop highly pigmented lip gloss.

Kiss Me now ! *muaxxx*

Likes ♥

  • Love the extremely moisturized lipstick that can glide over my lips effortlessly, as well as hydrating my dry lips.
  • The light coral pink color of the bloop lipstick gives a natural pinkish touch to my lips, just nice for an everyday make up look. 
  • The highly pigmented bloop lip gloss is so rich in color, which I can even use it without any lipstick. 
  • Besides, the bloop lip gloss has a sweet and strawberry-ish scent to pamper my senses. 


  • Due to the highly moisturized texture of the bloop lipstick, its would eventually goes off from the lips after I eat and drink.

My rating for the bloop lipstick and lip gloss : 4 / 5

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by bloop and HiShop, but review is based on my personal experience.

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