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[review] Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash & Body Lotion

"Natural Kiwifruit from New Zealands to hydrate your skin."

Lately my timeline in facebook and instagram have been flooded with the hashtags and images of Kiwifruits for the Zespri 14-days Scoop of Amazing Challenge. Everyone has been fussing about all their culinary inventions with Kiwifruit, so how could I not be part of it, but I can`t boil an egg. So, instead of messing up my mother`s kitchen, I found some Kiwifruit made product to talk about !

Initially I was handed with this two bottle of Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash and Body Lotion by theSkintopic, I was very skeptical in trying it, due to the fact that Kiwifruit skincare products are pretty rare in the market, not any brand that I know of. But I told myself, at least I should make an effort in trying, perhaps for one or two weeks, and I did. Good news is that I like it but on the downside, my mom likes it too and its finishing very fast !

" New Zealand is the home of the world's finest Kiwifruit. Not only are Kiwifruit attractive in appearance, they are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega 3, which are all beneficial for the health and enhancement of the skin. Kiwifruit are especially high in Vitamin E, which helps to regenerate the skin's cells and maintain tone and elasticity. Antioxidant properties work to protect against environmental stress, the cause of premature ageing in skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized resulting a softer younger looking complexion. "

Wild Ferns : Kiwifruit Light `n` Luscious Body Wash, 250ml (RM 78.00)

The body wash has a refreshing bath and shower gel containing the beneficial properties and sweet fragrance of Kiwifruit. As for Kiwifruit, it contains a natural enzyme which acts as a gentle exfoliate to remove dry skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. 

As seen from the bottle, the Kiwifruit body wash has exactly the same greenish color as the actual kiwifruits in the market, and with tiny little black seed encapsulated inside with the body wash as well. Once I peel off the sealer of the bottle, there`s the refreshing and tad sourish kiwifruit scent gushing out of it, giving a soothing and revitalizing feeling. Every pump of the Light `n` Luscious body wash comes with heaps of the Kiwifruit seeds, which I believe it acts as a body scrub to the body, removing dry skin cells while leaving it soft and smooth. The Kiwifruit body wash doesn`t only soften and smoothen my skin, it acts as a long lasting fragrance  to me, as the scent has been lingering on my body throughout the day, even after a long day spent in the outdoor. * so worth the buy ! Thumbs up *

Wild Ferns : Kiwifruit Silky Smooth Body Lotion, 250ml (RM 78.00)

A deeply hydrating Kiwifruit body lotion containing a blend of Kiwifruit Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. It also contains high levels of Vitamin E to optimize skin moisture, and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment, while moisturizing and softens dry and thirsty skin. 

As for the lotion, first of all, the scent was pretty mild as compared to the Kiwifruit body wash. However on the upside, the Silky Smooth Body Lotion does stand up to its name, leaving my skin silky smooth without feeling greasy at all, because any greasy lotion would definitely be a turn off to me. I would have a hard time to carry on with my daily routine due to the uneasiness I get from the greasy texture then I would eventually wash it off. 

Likes ♥

  • I personally like the packaging of the products, it has a very vibrant color to please the eyes, so I would want to use it more often !
  • Like the lovely kiwifruit scent from the Light 'n' Luscious Body Wash that lingers on my skin throughout the day, making it acts like a perfume to me too. 
  • The kiwifruit`s seeds that comes along with the body wash works like a scrub to me, exfoliate my dry skin cells gently without a tiny bit of soreness. 
  • Then there is the Kiwifruit body lotion to hydrates and locks the moisture in my skin after the gentle scrub. 


  • Nothing ! To my surprise, I like the products very much. ♥

My rating for the Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash & Body Lotion : 4 / 5

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by theSkintopic, but review is based on my personal experience.


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