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[review] Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner : Waterproof ? Smudge-proof ? last up to 24 hours ?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
BCL Eyeliner is deep black,
Just the way I !

Hunting down the most waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner is my ultimate goal because since the day I started to put on make up, I come to realize that if you get the right eyeliner, you basically need not to worry that your eyeliner will smudge or vanish by the end of the day after rubbing, winking your eyes and so on. 

For those who is still in the hunt for such amazing eyeliner, perhaps you can give this BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner a try because you might fall in love with it instantly after using it ! Just like me. ♥

Trust me, when I was given this Brownlash Water Strong Liner, I was a little skeptical with its claim saying that its waterproof, smudge-proof and could even last up to 24 hours. That whole line is what I will always see on the brochure or the box of the eyeliner, but none that I have tried could live up to such claim, to my surprise the BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner does !

I will flabbergast you with the Waterproof test, Smudge-proof test and 24 hours test later. As for now, let see how the eyeliner looks like.

The BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong liner has a felt-pen type brush, if you are wondering what does it mean by Felt-Pen, its basically like marker pen or "magic color" alike tip. With the Felt-Pen Type Brush Tip, its pretty easy to draw a smooth and thin line on your eyes, just imagine how easy to draw with magic color when you are a child, its exactly as simple as ABC. 

I would highly recommend it for beginners in using eyeliners because the easy to use brush tip that can glide on the eyelid like a piece of cake. 

Drawing picture with it is just a piece of cake too !

The Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner comes with a deep deep black color to accentuate my eyes and to make it look bigger. Now my friend wouldnt ask, "Did you have enough sleep or are you tired ?" anymore, because now my eyes would look bigger and full of energy with the deep black color liner. 

Yeay, time for some experiments !

I drew two eyes on my hand for the waterproof and smudge-proof test with the BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner, because I have no one to take picture for me if I were to splash water on my eyes to test it out like all those in the TV. So just bare with me ya ! 

Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner 

Waterproof Test

Not even a bit of it smudges when I have running tap washing down the eyeliner. 

Smudge-proof Test

Tested it out by wiping the eyeliner with a tissue and nothing came off !

24 hours Test

I am not sure why the picture made my face look so darn oily. >.<

I have taken a selca with the eyeliner in the car before leaving the house at 5pm. And came back home after partying at the Chilling with Jimmy Choo event around 1am-ish. After partying, most of my make up has go off especially the lipstick, blusher and mascara, but the eyeliner are still safe and sound lying on my eyelid !

Now you must be calculating 5pm till 1am is only like 8 hours, so how do I verify the 24 hour test ? Well, I have a mini task for you because I know some of you might be skeptical with my test result. So I want you, yes YOU, to get one of these BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner from SASA to test out the 24 hours theory yourself.

My rating for Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner : 5/5 (seriously in ♥)

Does Brownlast Ex Water Strong Liner last for 24 hours as it claims ? That is all on you, I aint gonna tell you. xoxo  * wink ;) *

BCL Brownlash Ex Water Strong Liner (RP RM 59.90) is available at selected SASA outlet only. 

P.S. Remember to update me on your 24 hours test result ya !

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Disclaimer : Product is sponsored by BCL Malaysia and Manoah Consulting, but review is based on my personal experience. 

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