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PAYOT`s new babies: BB Cream x CICAEXPERT Solution

"PAYOT Creates Beauty Through Care."


When PAYOT Paris launches their very first BB Cream into the market, it makes me ponder of a beauty proverb. The proverb used to be "Beauty Lies on the Eye of Beholder", but now I would say "Beauty Lies in the Hand of Ones Care", after attending the launch event, due to the fact that ones beauty is all depends on how much care and effort you pour in maintaining or beautifying it, instead of just changing ones perspective in looking at it. I will explain as I go on in introducing the products, so do bear with me ya. =)

Name : PAYOT BB Cream and CICAEXPERT Solution
Time : 11am - 1pm, 28 June 2013
Location : Training Room, Northpoint Offices

I know BB (Blemish Balm) Cream is sort of obsolete because now they have came out with CC (Color Control) Cream and soon it going to be DD Cream. It took a while for PAYOT to come out with their BB Cream, simply because of the exhaustive testing and careful research effort have been conducted to ensure the quality and standard before they unveil it to the public. Their brand new 5-in-1 complexion perfecter, the PAYOT BB Cream (also known as HYDRA24 PERFECTION) is a daily care with mineral pigments that melts on the skin in a single step for an instant "perfect" effect. 

In order to look beautiful with the flawless porcelain skin complexion, PAYOT believes in the value of skin care, then only touch it up with some make-up. Hence the HYDRA24 Perfection, the new BB Cream will act like a second skin, which perfectly adapt to today`s lifestyles as it combines all the benefits of skincare and make-up with the 5 benefits that it can offer.

HYDRA24 Perfection, 5-in-1 Care for Amazing Beauty Result !

1. Ensures 24-Hour Hydration : Hydro-Dermo Regulating Complex
  • Hydro-Dermo Regulating Complex at the heart of the formula delivers continuous hydration and helps the skin to retain and maintain its natural moisture level. 

2. Unifies the Complexion
  • The mineral pigments easily adapt to the skin's tone and maximise the coverage of this surprisingly fresh, light, soft formula with a matt finish.

3. Corrects Fine Lines & Imperfections
  • The formula's light touch balances and covers for ultra natural-looking skin.

4. Revives Radiance
  • The mishmash of Hydro-Dermo-Regulating Complex and the mineral pigments, which act in synergy, revive the skin's radiance and luminosity.

5. Protects Against UV Rays
  • SPF 15 filters protect the skin without diminishing the sensorial pleasure of the formula, while preventing signs of premature aging.

PAYOT BB Cream with Light and Medium Tone (RP : RM 148)

The next PAYOT`s new family member is the CICAEXPERT - Skin Repair Accelerator. Its comfort the skin and accelerates skin repair by recreating an ideal cell environment which is conducive to proper healing. The high performance formula is fragrance free and paraben-free, its a best combination of high technology active ingredients which offer 3 complementary and targeted treatments : Regenerating Effect, Healing Effect and Soothing & Moisturizing Effect. 

PAYOT Cicaexpert (RP : RM 148)

The PAYOT Cicaexpert comfort altered skin where the cutaneous barrier has been damaged within 2 years or less, by punctual trauma, pains of surgical wounds, and as well as aesthetic treatment. In the PAYOT spas and institutes, they offer the CICAEXPERT Solution, where a specific protocol that combines technical expertise and efficiency to soothe, moisturize, regenerate and beautify the skin with the Cicaexpert product.

And now its time for some hands-on of the PAYOT BB Cream and Cicaexpert Solution !

After applying on my hand, I can see a visible result shown on it. The PAYOT BB cream has literally brightens up and revives the radiance on my hand. As for the claim in correcting fine lines, imperfections and etc, I would have to try it on for a couple of weeks to find out the result of it. 

Thank you so much (sorry I have forgotten the PAYOT speaker/beautician's name) for the detail explanation on the two new PAYOT babies.

With the beautiful Lilac Bloggers.

Before putting a full-stop to my post, here is my ootd (outfit of the day) for the PAYOT launch. 


Brink Pink Tank Top - Forever 21
Polka Dots Skirt - Cotton On
Tote Bag - Charles & Keith
Platform Heels - MOD

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