Sunday, July 28, 2013

If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day...

OH-MAR-GOD ! Its Smurf 2 !!!

Smurfette is COMING BACK & 

but this time Smurfette is TURNING BLACK !

This time around, Smurfette will have some new friends in town and they are the Naughty Smurfs. She will then be deceived by all the Naughty Smurf`s sweet talking and drink the "Black Potion", losing her true blue, turning into a sexy BLACK Smurf ! OMG that cool isnt it ?

Naughty Smurfette get to dress up like a Good Girl gone Wild ! Looking gorgeous with all the heels, cap and handbag, walking down the street with swag and style, instead of the lame old yellow heels and white cap. 

After losing her Blue and Smurfette will Party Like a BLACK SMURF ! Go for parties and be a heart-breaker, breaking all the blue smurf`s heart, making their life miserable. Muahahaha Maybe Papa Smurf would also fall for this new Black Smurfette`s beauty and the whole blue smurf town will be doommmm.


P.S. Cant wait for Smurf 2 to hit the big screen, to see this pretty Smurfette turns naughty ! ♥


by Smallnhot Sarah


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