Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ChatON Official Media Launch @ The Butter Factory, KL

"Have you ChatON yet ? ChatON Lahh.."

The orange cross platform texting and talking application with heap of anicon, ChatON was officially launched at The Butter Factory, KL! I have to admit that ChatON does captivated my attention with all the animated features they offer in texting, like the animated emoticon, animated message, and etc. Hence it was my honor to be part of such memorable moment for ChatON !

Name : ChatON Official Media Launch
Time : 7pm - 10pm, 28 June 2013
Location : The Butter Factory, KL

Okay, its time for some orangy partehh, babyy !!

For a person that rarely goes or steps into a club, or I should say an amateur like me, did had a great time at the ChatON party ! It was fun to see people putting on their best orangy outfit or costume to match the orange theme for the party, as  the one with the best-dressed will be walking away with a brand new Samsung smartphone. As for myself, I just put on anything orange in my wardrobe, knowing that all these best-dressed stuff or competition will never be mine. So I found this high low orange dress which I purchased from Zalora earlier but I have yet to wear it, I guess now is the best time to have it on.

To spice up mood in Butter Factory, there were dancers dressing in variety of orange outfit, rocking the stage with PSY Gentlemen, making everyone started to dance along with it too, including me ! 

Before the highlight of the day, there was this mini game to build up some competition air in the club which was to find a match to the ChatOn character's sticker that was given to everyone upon registration. The first 3 couples that went on stage with their matching couple, each literally won a Samsung SIII Mini ! If I knew it was that easy-peasy, I would wrestle my way up on stage too ! Well, its okay, my SII is still working fine. :)

Okay here comes the highlight of the day - battle of the best dressed ! 5 guys and girls were shortlisted to be on stage to compete in a catwalk showdown for a Samsung smartphones ! I can tell all of them really got their swag and strut loose, battling for the Samsung smartphones. Some even dance the walk instead of walking it, isnt it creative ?

She definitely blew everyone's mind away with her "emcee grinding" walk ! Bravo !!

Everyone`s performance was remarkable, but only two winners were selected among the girls and guys to walk away with another set of Samsung SII Mini. I personally think that everyone should be crowned as the winner cause it takes loadsss of courage to be on stage and do the walk, so congratulate to everyone !

Before signing off, here is picture of me and Yukiko. I like the shades of orange on her outfit for the night, so vivacious and cheerful as compared to mine. 

Do, check out the ChatON commercial before you leave. =)

 P.S. All thanks to Manoah, Don and Yukiko for the invites to such amazing event ! 

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