Thursday, July 25, 2013

FREE 500 Celcom PortaWiFi devices for travelers this Raya!

"FREE Celcom Dongle ?!"

As I was driving back to my university earlier today, I got this blue surprise from Celcom at the Sg Besi toll . It`s a cool flyer saying that 

CELCOM is giving away FREE PortaWiFi device for this Raya celebration !

What a great gift to make my day. =D
I even manage to snap some pictures of the flyers distribution as I pass by the toll plaza. Wooohooo

As stated on the flyer, Celcom is giving away 500 PortaWiFi devices, so be on the lookout as you pass by any toll because you might just get lucky and get a FREE PortaWiFi device from Celcom as your raya gift !

P.S. Cant wait to redeem my FREE PortaWiFi devices now ! Yippie !


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One day rush !