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Bloop`s Candylicious Makeup Party !

"Its a piece of cake creating Candylicious Makeup with bloop."

Make up has never been so much fun and candylicious before, not any make up party that I can think of, but now I have something to brag about when ones talk about candylicious make up party ! 

As I step into the bloop outlet in Sunway Pyramid, I was a little startled, not because I dont like the layout or the decoration on that day, but it`s because I never thought that I get to be part of the Bloop Candylicious Makeup Party, a cosmetic brand that never fail to captivate my attention with their cute looking make up products on the display window whenever I pass by. So a big fat thanks to HiShop, for the sweetest invites to the Bloop Candylicious Makeup Party, giving me an insight into all the candy looking bloop products that can create a candy make up look with a split second. 

" Bloop makeup made easy represents a new generation of make-up to help women combat the highly demanding and competitive world. Thanks to its innovative packaging and technological advancement in product quality and texture, make-up has never been this fast and easy.  
Bloop products are engineered by PASSION and LOVE. Working with its international partners and beauty experts from around the world, bloop has access to the best line for cosmetics manufacturing, research and technological advancement available today. "

To start off the Candy Makeup, we have to remove our make up with bloop make up removal. It has to be done with an upwards direction so that our skin will not sag downwards later on and it also act as a form of massage to the face by going upwards. 

Then it followed by toner and Aloe Vera moisturizer which has a cooling sensation and a lovely scent.

As for the coolest bloop make up product, I would say its the Bloop Candy Cream Foundation with the 360 degree compact mirror. I can basically turn it to any angle I want to ease my application.

Even the Bloop Candy Blusher comes along with the 360 degree compact mirror !

To create a happy smiley candy make up, the blusher has to be brushed upwards else it will be seen as a frown. Alongside with that, the blusher is preferably to apply one finger away from the nose, on the cheek bone and brush backwards towards the hair. 

Now its time for some colorful candylicious eye-shadow and eyeliner.

To complete the candy make up, we will touch it up with the glossy and sexy lipstick by bloop ! The Bloop Candy Duo Lipstick (Magic Rose) is a must to try, if you ever passby the store. It literally create magical plumpy smoochable red lips with a glide of the colorless lipstick on your lips and the result of the color depends on the way of application because some would appear to be bright red in color and others would be pinkish red. 

If you were to ask me, which other brand is the best choice to have a Candylicious Make Up Party, I have no doubt but to say BLOOP ! Other than having all the multi-colored and lively nail polish and make up set, they even have their lip balm made into the shape of a cupcake and tub of ice-cream !

Oh yeah, on that day there was a mini competition in creating a candylicious make up after the demonstation by the beautician and hereby are the winners. Congratz to all the Candylicious Makeup Winners ! Everyone of them walked away with a cash voucher of RM 100 from bloop, isnt that freaking awesome ?!

Thank you so much for reading my post, so in return, all my readers will get an exclusive RM 20 rebate ! Yeay !!
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* Valid till 31 August 2013

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