Monday, July 29, 2013

Masterchef Australia - Amina in KL, Malaysia

A warm welcome to Amina who flew all the way from Australia. 

I am sure everyone who follows the Australia Masterchef show at Lifetime Channel will know who Amina is. She is the only contestant that is blessed with culinary expertise that originates from two different part of the world - the Middle East and Asia, all thanks to her Egyptian dad and South Korean mum. 

This time around for her tour in Malaysia, she is going to cook a dish during the Meet and Greet Session tomorrow (8pm, 30 July 2013) at Mid Valley. So it is my pleasure to join her for her "Marketing Session" at Ben`s Independent Grocer, Publika, a day before to get some grocery for tomorrow`s event.

Wondering what she`s going to cook for tomorrow's meet and greet session with her fans ? I am not going to tell you the dish, but lemme give you a little hint on what dish its going to be with all the pictures I have taken during the Marketing Session. Muahahaha

Getting any fish ? 

While shopping for her ingredients, she even shared with us a few cooking tips with some of the rare ingredients that we dont usually use, like the Tomato Kumato which is like RM 42/kg ! According to Amina, the Tomato Kumato is not sourish at all, its very sweet indeed. If I am not mistaken, I think she said it can be used for some dressing or what.

So did she get the baby onions ?

Oh yeah, by the way Amina finds small little onions are annoying cause its difficult and tricky to peel and all. lolx 

I have to say today I had a great time shopping with Amina, she was so bubbly and excited seeing all the exotic food and fruits in the "market", making me feel excited as well too. And I even got to know from a Lifetime Channel staff that Amina was so adventurous and passionate about food. Amina came out with a checklist of food to try in Malaysia before she arrived here and once she touched down in Malaysia yesterday, she took a cab by herself and went all the way to a Ramadhan bazaar in downtown just to cross off "Murtabak" from her food checklist ! 

Having such a great time with her, how could I not take picture with the lovely amicable Amina, so here is a picture of us together with a basket full of ingredients for tomorrow`s meet and greet. Other than that, she even took selfies with me, isnt she super duper friendly ?

So do drop by at for her Meet and Greet Session at Mid Valley tomorrow ya !

Meet & Greet with Amina
8pm, 30 July 2013 (Tuesday)
Center Court, Mid Valley

See ya there ! 

P.S. All thanks to Nuffnang for the lovely invites in joining Amina for her Marketing Session. ♥

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