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The Lilac`s Blind Date with Yves Rocher

"Yves Rocher, the adventure of a visionary man in France."

My blind date with Yves Rocher on last weekend was indeed a beautiful and flowery one. As I walk into the Garden Cafe, it was all filled with scented lotion, body wash and perfume from Yves Rocher. I just cant stop myself from reeling from one booth to the other to breathe in all the lovely fragranced products in the room.

Upon registration, we were given a Yves Rocher passport and an empty box, which I was pretty puzzled when they handed me that. I was like thinking, "Why on earth do you give me an empty box and a passport ? What am I gonna do with that ?"

Well thats the whole idea of blind date isnt it ? Not knowing what is going to happen, who is the prince charming that you are going to meet and all. Now, I have butterflies in your stomach by just thinking of it.

Blind date with Yves Rocher & The Lilac Box.

The Yves Rocher passport is actually a booklet with some history, stories about Yves Rocher and towards the last page of the passport there is this 5 empty columns that are to be filled up later on after my discovery with Yves Rocher at each booth.

Blind date with Yves Rocher & The Lilac Box.

Okay. Let head down to

Booth 1 : Your Skin care.

Before proceeding to any Yves Rocher skincare products, I was introduced to myself, my own skin condition. Just like before going on a date, you have to know who you are, so the match maker can pair you up with someone that likes you for you, isnt it ?

Image credit to Fish.
At the Skin Care booth, they have this highly sophisticated machine that could snapshot the condition of my skin and analyze it based on my age. The result was quite helpful in knowing whats going on under my skin, tho my skin shows radiant and glowy from the outside but to my surprise that UV ray damage result (I am not sure did I put it correctly, it basically shows that I dont apply sunscreen that often, which I am guilty for it) was quite high comparing to the others like hydration and etc. Okay, I pledge to put on sunscreen more often, so I would have this radiant and smooth skin even when I am 30 !

Lets move on to the

Booth 2 : Les Plaisirs Nature.

Now that I am familiarized with my own skin condition, I can set off to the little garden in choosing the lotion that I favor. Yves Rocher offers a wide range of lotion, body wash, body scrub that could definitely excite your senses !

Of all the lovely scented lotions, I opted for the Olive Lotion, which has a very mild and fluffy smell and texture, just the way I like my lotion to be. As for the strawberry, peach, blueberry, it has an undeniable fruity smell, every breath of the strawberry lotion is like embracing you into a field full of fresh strawberries. So if you are a strawberry lover, get ya lotion now from Yves Rocher !

Booth 3 : My Fragrance is ME.

This booth definitely left me completely flabbergasted, I was and indeed still am ! By just filling up a few multiple choice questions, he could literally find the right perfume for me and the best part is that I love it to bits ! He opted for a second choice for me, but I was just so in love with the first one (its the pink one, on the first row from bottom, third from left) that nothing else seem to be right anymore. Guess that what people say, "first sight breath love". ♥

Booth 4 : Perfect Match Foundation.

Second last date would be discovering the perfect match foundation for my skin. I have a pretty beautician from Yves Rocher to find a right foundation tone to match my skin. She even explained to me on what the foundation can offers, and gave advice on whether lighter or thicker foundation is suitable for me.

Booth 5 : Sweet Memory.

To create a sweet memory with Yves Rocher, that will not only last for a year, or two but FOR A LIFE TIME, all bloggers were given a promotional rate in signing up as a life time member for Yves Rocher ! With any purchase done on that day, we are automatically signed up as a Yves Rocher member, its indeed a sweet memory that will last for life time.

 Before bringing this lovely blind date with Yves Rocher to an end, there is a lucky draw session for everyone who completed all the 5 booth dates !

Congratz to the Grand Prize winner for the lucky draw. :) #jealoustothemax 

With some of the lovely Lilac bloggers on that day. (Jennie, Sharon, Cindy, Me, Kay)

With two of the Lilac man. (Rudy, Cindy, Me, KyGan)


Plain Purple T-Shirt Dress - Cotton On
Necklace - Diva

P.S. All thanks to The Lilac Box for the lovely date with Yves Rocher. ♥

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