Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking photo with Fotobox !

"Taking photo has never been so much fun !"

Miss taking photo with Fotobox already, with all the props they have prepared for us like the huge Frameless Glasses, Big Girly Headgear and Bow ! Miss doing candid poses or better known as "camwhore" in front of the camera and getting it instantly sent to our email. And the best part is to have it printed out in a split second with all the pretty decoration on the side, after each photo-shoot. Most of all, I am missing the persona everyone were back in the Fotobox section at Spa Party, their happy and carefree spirit that only photo can freezes the moment for a lifetime !

Fotobox ROCKS ! ♥

P.S. If you have any photo of me in the Spa party, please do tag me in facebook or instagram  (@mysarah159) ya ! TQ. :)

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