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[review] Vanity Trove (June) - Obsessive Beauty

When I unbox the June Vanity Trove, the image on the welcoming card by Valerie reminds me of a beauty and sex icon, Marilyn Monroe, with her signature short blonde curly hair and a real sexy red kissable lips. Perchance she could be a lady that is obsess with beauty, which goes very well with the June Vanity Trove's theme, 

"Obsessive Beauty". 

(Bag of Love has Audrey Hepburn here, and now Vanity Trove has Marilyn Monroe, I guess its reliving the iconic beauty history season)

Some of us (which a part of me is too) are obsessed with the idea of owning luxury and branded bags which one believe having the finest handbag handle resting on one shoulder, signifies one beauty standard. Its not wrong to have such belief because beauty is indeed very important to all, your outer shell is the first impression that others will be looking at and perhaps judging at like what you wear, how you put on your make up and etc.

Hence in this month of Vanity Trove (June), they have arranged a whole new selection of goodies that will beautify and nourish you from inside out. 

The first thing that captivated my attention is the false lashes from Celeb Beaute.

Vanity Trove : Celeb Beaute Celeb Lash, RM 19.80 - RM 22.80

Always longed for long eyelashes ? Long no more with Celeb Beaute Celeb Lash. The variety of styles and colors allows you to create different looks to suit any occasion, helping you to intensify and add depths to your eyes with these high-drama and professional quality eyelashes. Handmade, simple to use and comfortable to wear, each Celeb Lash design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give a striking effect, whether the look is natural or dramatic. 

I have indeed longed to try on false lashes, was even planning to buy the cheap ones to try it out first and tadaaa. Vanity Trove Celeb Beaute Celeb Lash came in just in time, just when I needed it. The Celeb Lash has a very soft lashes texture as compared to some I have seen in the market and mine comes with tiny stripe of green lashes in between, giving you the high-drama effect. I just cant wait to have an occasion to dress up and put on this pair of false lashies. 

Vanity Trove : L'OREAL Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo, RM 50 (200ml) | RM 79 (500ml)

L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque promise to repair and smoothen the thickest and most rebellious hair. The Shampoo is infused with Oil Incell Technology - a combination of Incell and nourishing olive and argan oils to soften, and nourish. 

The Liss Ultime Shampoo has a very runny texture, just like the rest of the shampoo but the best part is the pleasant body wash like and a hint of fruity fragrance that comes along with the shampoo, leaving my hair soft and beautifully scented. 

Vanity Trove : LOREAL Professionnel Liss Ultime Masque, RM 67 (200ml)

While the masque contains Polymer AR to protect the hair against humidity and fight frizz. Apply and massage the maseue into shampooed, towel-dried hair. Spread well and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly for silky, sparkling and smooth commercial-worthy tresses. 

I have yet to give the Liss Ultime Masque a go, mainly because of the waiting time. Told ya, I aint a patience person. Anyway, the Liss Ultime Masque has the scent like a conditioner which I assume it be used like a conditioner too.

Next in line is my favourite...

Vanity Trove : Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover, RM 26.90 (145ml)

Every beauty fanatic needs a good makeup remover. The Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover gently removes the heaviest of eye and lip make up without tugging and causing damage to your delicate eye area and eyelashes.  Its hypo-allergic formulation with Vitamin E makes it suitable for sensitive skin and lifts make up instead of melting it. Shake well before dispensing a suitable amount on cotton pad and holding it against your eye. No rubbing required. 

I have tried the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover with my normal eye make up routine which is the eyeliner (Dolly Wink Eyeliner and Maybelline Eyeliner), mascara (Kiss Me). 

As you can see from the picture, my eyeliner and mascara have been removed by Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover without a tiny bit of make up leftover. Its indeed "no rubbing required" for me, because all I did was to lay the cotton pad on my eyes and gently swipe it off, even the most stubborn eyeliner (Maybelline) has gotten off my bottom eyelid. Some other remover brand that I have tried, it takes a pretty long rub to remove the Maybelline eyeliner, so I have always thought that maybe Maybelline eyeliner is just too stubborn, but now I have found its mortal enemy, the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover ! Muahahaha *evil laugh*

Vanity Trove : Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream, RM 98 (50ml)

Inspired by the incredible powers of flowers, Decleor's Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream is a reparative hydraing cream that has anti-pollution and deeply replenishing properties for normal to dry skin. With a soft and relaxing floral scent and luxurious texture, it will leave your skin feeling soft and supple with daily application. Apply day and night after cleansing for a more youthful appearance. Paraben free. 

The Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream has a white lotion like texture which can be applied on face like normal lotion. As for the scent wise, its literally smells like body lotion. On my first sniff of it, I thought its for skin, but taking another glance at the yellow tube, only I realize its a facial moisturizing cream. So silly of me. 

Vanity Trove : Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial, RM 98 (NP RM 230)

A multi-vitamin treatment with delicous and surprising texture with 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds. Suitable for all skin types, Aromaplasty is an all-round customized beauty treatment leaving the skin feeling soft, velvety smooth and radiant. Type of Aromessence to suit you : Essential, Purify, Soothe, Radiance, Anti-Aging.

Vanity Trove : Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil, RM 99 (100ml)

Pamper your skin and your senses with Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil. Containing a premium grade of Absolute-No-Heat Virgin Coconut Oil and fruity blend of pure essential oils, its a luxurious and rejuvenating experience that nourishes and heals your skin from within. This body oil triples as a luxurious moisturizer, massage oil and skin repair treatment with potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, its an essential for each lady in her beauty routine!

The Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil has a light and very pleasantly tangy smell which I find it quite similar to The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (here). I only apply a small amount on my hand, well the small bottle is definitely insufficient for me to apply on my whole body unless I still have the size of a new born baby. Lol After applying and blending it into my skin, I could feel a sense of relief like all my muscle on hand is all untangled. You should really give Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil a try, although the scent was not as strong as ones in the earlier Vanity Trove Beautiful Surprises (here). 

Vanity Trove : Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Bees Wax and Vitamin E, RM 12 (4g)

Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E is a lip balm suitable for everyone. Long hours in air-conditioned rooms and the hot weather can really take its toll on our lips in the long run. With this natural lip balm, chapped and peeling lips are pampered and taken care off, making them soft and kissable. Apply when needed. 

For a person who is prone to dry and cracked lips like me especially when it comes to hot weather like this or when I have insufficient water intake, my lip would defeinitely crack, so this is has become my new besties. I have been using it for a week, applying it day and night, my lip cracked condition has gotten much much better, at the minimum it doesnt have significant cracklines till I can peel the skin off. And the bonus point to it, is the delicate orangy and tangy scent that comes along with each application on lips. Who will ever say no to beautifully scented products ?

Vanity Trove: Soap Artisan RM5 off Coupon

Heading to the store to get my next lip balm now ! Hehe

Vanity Trove : PAYOT Objective Zero Default Purifying Care & Drying and Purifying Gel (price is not stated)

There is this bonus and extra sample sachets in June Vanity Trove, Obsessive Beauty box. Its the PAYOT Objective Zero Default Purifying Care which claims to activate the maturation and to be applied in the evening on blemish and leave it to work overnight. So I suppose its a blemish corrector or somesort. 

As for the PAYOT Objective Zero Default Drying and Purifying Gel, which is the next step after the Purifying Care as it dries up and purifies. Its to be applied with cotton wool to minor spots that have reached maturity. Leave to work overnight. Will find out more about this on this Friday's workshop by PAYOT, stay tune.

Lets get down to my like and dislike.

Likes ♥

  • Love the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover which can literally wipe off everything, even the most stubborn make up effortlessly. 
  • Soap Artisan lip balm is certainly my next favourite, making my lip soft and moisturized at all time. 
  • Although Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil doesnt have a strong scent which you may get by just holding the bottle, but the light and aromatic tangy smell was relaxing enough to pamper my senses and skin as well. 
  • The pair of Celeb Lash by Celeb Beaute comes in just in time for me to try out false lashies ! Vanity Trove reads my mine. lol
  • Basically I like everything in the box, up till now I have received 3 Beautiful Surprises by Vanity Trove and I would say this is my favourite Vanity Trove, which brings me everything I like ! 


  • None ! Well maybe scent wise, I would prefer May's Vanity Trove. The fragrance that comes out from the Awesome Wholesome box was just spectacular, and I could still get it even after one month of opening and closing the box. Dont scold me, I just enjoy pampering my nose with the delicate scent from the box.
My Rating for Vanity Trove (June) : Obsessive Beauty : 4.5/5

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