Thursday, June 6, 2013

[review] My Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Transformation through light !

"Talika transforms youth through light."

Asian girls would have the perception of owning a fair and bright skin as being beautiful. So being under the sun is never an opt for them, which includes me. Who knows after attending Talika product launch earlier (here), I have the otherwise in mind. Now that I know Talika has made a breakthrough with their new skincare products, which is the Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series. Staying under the sun is nothing to be afraid of anymore.
Talika research invented the Photo-Beauty Enzyeme (PBE), a powerful natural ingredient proven capable of transforming light energy into cell repairing energy. With this invention, a girl would be able to stay under the light without be anxious of getting dark, because the bright sunlight will trigger the natural light in helping to restore cell's natural repairing potential which contains powerful brightening actives.
In order to achieve the best result, the Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series must be paired with the Talika Cellular Activator then only it followed by the Talika Brightening / Anti-Aging Cream. AS for today I am going to share my thought on the Brigtening Cream.

Talika Cellular Activator - RM  349 (140ml).
Talika Cellular Activator - RM  349 (140ml).
The Cellular Activator is a colorless watery liquid that felt pretty much like water. It acts as the base in transforming light into cellular energy in achieving a brighter skin complexion and to anti-dark spot action, as well as hydrating, relieving discomfort too.

Talika Brightening Cream - RM  279 (50ml).
Talika Brightening Cream - RM  279 (50ml).
While the Talika Brightening Cream has a white creamy texture. But upon application, it gives a powdery texture on face, and you will feel a instant softness like baby face too !

I have been using the Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series for 2 months, and here by is the result of it.

Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series

Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series

Before using the Talika Brightening cream, as you can seen in the picture I have a very dull and dark skin tone, which I could categorized as the caramel brown color. But after applying it for 2 months, my skin has become much brighter as tho it has striped off all my dead skin from my face, and adding a hint of radiant to it too. Now I would categorize my skin as medium fair with a glowy cheek !

Likes ♥
  • The one I like the most is that it gives a very noticeable result after applying it for 2 months. I can see a significant change of my skin tone compared to the other products that I have used. Yay !
  • The Talika Cellular Activator's runny texture is pretty easy to apply and absorb into skin with a modest cooling feeling.
  • The Talika Brightening Cream has a very cream and powdery texture which doesnt make my skin greasy. By that, I can apply make-up with ease, without  any waiting for it to dry up abit or what. 
  • Talika products are unscented which in someway its good cause sometimes the unpleasant smell would turn me off. 

  • I would prefer to have a scented skincare product so I can pamper my skin and my nose at the same time. :D
My rating for the Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening series : 4.5 / 5

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Once again, be contented. :D