Thursday, June 13, 2013

[review] LANVIN ME & I

"LANVIN ME - The elegance of finally being myself."

LANVIN ME is all about me and myself, bringing the sensuality and high-fashion side of mine with a touch of self-centeredness, too. So pardon me, if this post is too full of myself, but one of the perk of being myself is, I'll get to do whatever and talk the silliest stuff that came across my mind without the concern of being judged by others because at the end of the day, its all about ME ! 

Weeks ago, I`ve embarked on my journey of using this perfume, LANVIN ME. If you have been following my post earlier (here), I did mention that I have stopped using perfume that often due to personal reason, but in this case, I only spray it on my handbag or I will only spray in on my pulse point with a minimum amount. 

LANVIN ME which it picks up a sweet and delicate scent from the delicious floral references with vivacity and spirit. The major harmony of licorice root and blueberry is complimented with fruity top notes, passionate middle notes (tuberose in particular) and intriguing base notes that include the fascinating licorice root. 

Bewitching, sensual and high fashion, ME is simultaneously elegant, Parisian and stylish from the box all the way to the fragrance, which is confined in the crystal clear rectangular bottle that is embellished with a diamond like pendant circulating the top.  As for the box, its presented like a gift, embossed with fine gold tie around the delicate box, tying ME to Alber through the magic of mystery of this eau de parfum. Then followed by the two letters speaking to ME, calling for me; they are mine, I am theirs

The LANVIN ME brings me to think newly of myself, to affirm my differences, to admit my love and aversion and more...

I love reading books, I love the way how every pages smell so antique and musty as tho the stories has been growing old but yet never failed to tie my souls and senses together in diving into the author's breathtaking piece of work as I flip from pages to pages. Just like the LANVIN ME, Alber's most personalized creation, every puff that convey the secret wish to tie my souls and senses together with a drop of essence, with the caress of fragrance. The fertile imagination that LANVIN ME puts forward, makes me more desirable than ever in  finding out the inner ME, just like finding out the ending to an adventure of storybook. 

Developing photos, waiting for it to be printed out, unfolds my desire to know, see and feel it. To know when will it be ready, To see how it would turn out, and To feel the happiness and love in it. This is what the fine gold tie embossed around the delicate LANVIN ME box, an Ariadne`s thread linking surpriser and surprisee, intimately creating a bond between me and ME, a fragrance that Alber`s has designed specially for me alone. 

The sweet and alluring scent of LANVIN ME that lingers around me, reminds me of looking beautiful from the inside is the one that counts. I put on make up and pretty dresses to look beautiful, eye-catching and sexy, but what can I see myself beyond the layers of make up and dresses? A whimsical and bold, yet fragile ME ? The fact is that nothing can unleash the beauty in me, except for me and myself. Being confident is what makes ME beautiful and shine from the inside out !

The affirmation, in the eyes of Alber Elbaz, that with LANVIN ME, it gives me a sense of belonging knowing that I am the LANVIN woman and they are mine, I am theirs.

But in the end, who am I ?
You will never know.. xoxo

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