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[review] Bag Of Love (May) - Best of Beauty

"Relive old world glamour with a little modern twist. - anonymous"

I have no idea why, once I unzip this month's Bag of Love and spot the cute cartoon looking lady, the first thing that I associate to is the fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress !

For me Audrey Hepburn beauty and style are one of those that is everlasting regardless of how fashion and trends change as the time passed. She possessed an undeniably classy vibe that I have yet to see in any celebrities or fashion icon. Audrey Hepburn with her little black dress by Givenchy in the Breakfast at Tiffany's has marked the beginning of the trend of little black dress, which make a lady looks classy and elegant.

In the month of May, the silky smooth gold color Bag of Love is pure classy and glamorous with the Best of Beauty just like the fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn.
" Because of you, Bag of Love is still here after three months.Thank you for your continous support. In this month's bag, you will find an array of well-known brands that are loved around the world. Each brand shines through with its cult product and they are here for you to discover. Enjoy! Then find out more about each product at www.bag-of-love.com. "

Crabtree and Evelyn is irrefutably renowned for its perfumed lotion and body wash, and I am certainly a huge devotee for it. (you may read my post on their lotion, here) The smell of their lotions are scented like as tho there is an actual bouquet of flowers in hand. Despite of the sweet-scented fragrance, upon application its so fluffy and I could feel an instant softness in my hand without feeling greasy. 

Bag Of Love : Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, Full Size 25g (RM 30)

Apply a moderate amount to hands as needed and massage in.

I was delighted and squirming like a child when I spotted the Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand lotion in the Bag Of Love, due to the fact that, the Somerset Meadow is Crabtree & Evelyn`s new collection and I have been wanting to own it on since the launch of it ! Its infused with shea butter, macadamia nut oil and a fresh green fruity-floral scent, this intensive cream nourishes skin so it's noticeably smoother after each luxurious use.
  • Contains hydrating ceramides and conditioning water lily and ivy extracts
  • Myrrh extract helps condition nails and cuticles
  • Formulated without colour, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates or propylene glycol

The Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy is just so easy to apply on hand. It locks lashing of moisture in ya hand with a fragrant fresh green fruity-floral scent lingering it.

Bag Of Love : Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion (Sample Sachet)

The Best of Beauty doesnt end there as there is one more Crabtree & Evelyn stuff hiding in the bag. Its the Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion Sample Sachet. I have yet to try it, but I gotta say it definitely would be sweet-scented after each luxurious use !

Bag of Love : Calvin Klein Eternity EDP, 50ml (RM 254)

Bag of Love : Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, EDT, 50ml (RM 209)

Spray on pulse points after applying a lotion to make it last longer.

I am not sure since when I have been stop using perfume that often due to some personal reason, but last time I would usually loiter at the perfume dept in a departmental store and perhaps test out some of the perfume I could find in there. Not sure why, Calvin Klein fragrance somehow or someway is not one of my favourites, because its always carry a very masculine and strong scent which I personally dont fancy.  

Last two days, I went out with a few spray of the Calvin Klein Eternity EDP on my pulse point and shirt. It has the smell of a body wash with a hint of masculinity in it, although its not the Eternity for Men. Dont get me wrong, the body wash smell is good, its like as tho there is a gush of body wash`s scent rushing out of the washroom after shower. However, it certainly not my preferred fragrance but on the upside, the Calvin Klein Eternity worth the name of it because the fragrance has been lingering on me for quite a while before it vaporized.

Bag of Love : Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax, 250ml (RM78)

Apply to wet hair and massage through the scalp and hair using the flats of hands. Rinse thoroughly. 

The Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax claims to leave hair soft and supple by giving weightless nourishment and conditioning to hair and support anti-frizzy control or tangling issue too. Its a transparent orangy color liquid that smells good and promising ! Aint such a huge devotee for hair care products tho, maybe the confident in me kicks in, believing that my hair are fine and I need not any conditioning for it. Anyways I would still try it out, wanting to see how much of a different it would make to my hair.

Bag of Love : Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, 60 capsules (RM320)

Apply in the morning and evening to cleansed face and neck. 

By the first glimpse of it, I thought its another hair care product, because most hair ailment in the saloon comes in such capsules. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules are actually youth-restoring serum that helps in reducing fine lines, by replenishing skin's natural ceramides, moisture-locking lipids essential for maintaining firm, smooth, younger-looking skin. Each capsule are certainly for one day use only, but it can be applied to face and all the way down the neck.

* the OLD printed on the right of the packet is just a product code, its aint the label of an old stock. (here)

Bag of Love : Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash, Full Size 200ml (RM 6.90)

Squeeze a dallop onto bath sponge and work into a rich, creamy lather. Rinse. 

Dove has always been around us, which I would call it the neighborhood brand that almost all of us would have tried or somehow heard of it. I, myself is unquestionably a supporter for Dove's shampoo. Its just never fail to make my hair soft and silky upon every wash. Today, I was a little bowled over, spotting a body wash with the brand, Dove printed on it. All along I thought Dove is just a neighborhood shampoo brand but now it has body wash too ! Hence it`s a must for me to try, since the smell of it is quite promising and its DOVE ! Will share the review of it soon, stay tune. =)

Bag of Love : Amante Complimentary Basic Manicure, (RM 38)

Best of beauty doesnt stop there, because there is still a complimentary voucher for a basic manicure session from Amante. Amante Nail Spa & Body Care provides a range of services carefully selected to create a sanctuary for women. Its a heaven for women seeking a superlative spa experience that houses all their popular beauty and wellness needs. Having a manicure down there is indeed a relaxing experience with the top notch service. They would serve you hot beverages while the nail artist pampers and draws delicate nail arts on your nails. Isnt is a tranquil experience ?

If you would love to try their free basic manicure service, feel free to drop by their store on Wednesday because they are giving free basic manicure trial session and its only on Wednesday and for new Amante customers only.

Likes ♥
  • The Best of Beauty has everything pampering you from head to toe. I could say its a wholesome bag with everything a lady needs to look gorgeous. 
  • The design of the May`s Bag of Love, beige in color and a gold color zipper, is just pure classy and elegant. Who would knows such exclusive looking bag, cost only RM 39.90 !
  • With no doubt, my favorite of them all would be the Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy which lock lashing of moisture of your hand with a linger of fresh green fruity-floral scent. 
  • Its great to have an extra sample pack of Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion for me to try on before heading to the store with the 20% voucher in the bag. 
  • Bringing the Dove Body Wash, something that I have never tried into the bag, is what I look forward to in the monthly beauty surprises. 
  • After getting the first two brushes from the Debut and April Bag of Love, the appearance of the brush has become a signature to it. So I was actually looking forward for it in the May's Bag of Love. 

My rating for the Bag of Love (May) : 4 / 5

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