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[giveaway] KATE Goldish Eyes, 2013 New Collection

"KATE Make Up - No More Rules."


KATE has put NO MORE RULES to make up with their new GOLDISH EYES, 2013 New Collection. The Goldish Eyes palette has 0.1% of pure gold for enticing eyes, which is the new MUST HAVE. Inspired by the latest beauty trend, eyes are washed with a high impact and captivating gold shine. 

Name : Kate Goldish Eyes 2013 New Collection
Time : 9 June 2013, 10am - 1pm
Location : Platinum Room, Level 7, Seventh Heaven, Pavilion

In introducing the new KATE 2013 Collection - Goldish Eyes, KATE Malaysia has invited a make up artist from Japan, Mr Mikiya Hirai to do demonstration on having the Goldish Eyes shadow to create an office look and then transforming it to a party look, with just a split second. By listening to his explanation and tips, it does sound easy-peasy, but as I have my hands-on in putting all the make up, I got all haywire not knowing which comes first and next. That you can just blame my stupidity with make ups.  

As soon as, Mr Mikiya Hirai finish the last touch of the make up tutorial, my hand headed right into the piles of make up set lying in front of me, trying to hunt for the KATE Goldish Eyes shadow, the highlight of the day.

KATE GOLDISH Eyes Shadow, RM 59 (4 types)

An eye shadow palette in realizing enticing eyes with a captivating luster layering Shiny Gold and Colored Gold. It comes in 4 beautiful Goldish shades but I only found the pink and blue color gold shades on my  table.

Since I only found two goldish shades, so I opted for the Pink Color Gold palette, simply because it looks much sweeter and girly, just what I need to tone down my firm and aloof appearance. Okay, here is how the swatches look on my hand. With only one swap of it on my hand, there is already a visible shiny and shimmery eye shadow color.

To achieve the enticing eyes with a hint of gold, here is the recommended steps for it.

The next highlight of the day is the Slim Gel Pencil.

KATE Slim Gel Pencil, RM 44 (2 colors)

Soft-textured gel tightly clings to the skin. A super fine gel eyeliner pencil for quick and easy creation of slim lines with fade-resistant strong coloration. Its waterproof, sweat-, water-, and sebum-resistant. I was a little amazed by how waterproof it is, as I tried to rub it off from my hand after trying it on, it just didnt go off at all, NOT EVEN A SMUDGE ! Despite of the fact that it gives a dense and fine definition to ones eyes, it also super easy to apply too. 

However to note that it the KATE Slim Gel Pencil is not retractable, meaning it can only be twisted outwards, but not twisting it back in. Fret not because, the Slim Gel Pencil only gives an increment of 0.7mm for each twist, to prevent excessive of the gel pencil from being let out of the holder. So its quite safe unless it falls on a wrong hand, then you will have no idea how long the pencil would later turned out to be. 

KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner, RM 44 (2 colors)

Makes the lower eyelids look full and teary in a single stroke. A lower eyelid eyeliner that creates impressive eyes with beautiful luster and coloration. With just a single stroke of the Shiny Eyelid Liner, it can create an illusion of a fuller and plumped up eyes, making it pops instantly. Isnt that what all girls want ? To have a huge and mesmerizing eyes.

I was a little skeptical in applying it on my lower eyelid, since I am a pretty clumsy person when it comes to make up and I am afraid it would goes into my eyes by mistake. So let me just try it on my hand first ya. The Goldish shade gives a smooth beige shade, giving a more natural fuller and teary eyes, but as for the Goldish Pink shade it contours the lower eyelid.

Some other KATE Products that caught my attention are..

KATE Lasting Base, RM 46 (1 color)

A single stroke of this makeup base allows the foundation to stay fresh for much longer period.

KATE Cover Concealer, RM 38 (2 colors)

No heaviness on the skin and fade-resistant. A highly adhesive cream concealer that only requires a small amount to completely hide skin problems. Just what I need to hide my dark circle.

KATE Eyebrow Liner

KATE Rouge Hg Lipstick

KATE Lipgloss

Mr Mikiya Hirai and I

Other than having the make up demonstration, KATE Malaysia had a special sales going on too. Seeing so much of KATE make up stuff on sales, that my eyes are constantly reeling for something I to buy, not because I need but just for the sake of getting it for a cheaper price ! But as I think of the piles of new and used make up stuff lying on my dressing table, I opted to walk away from the temptation.

This make up workshop has opened up my eye, I have never thought that make up can be goldish and glamorous ! Its just fluttering putting on the goldish make up and imagine yourself walking into the ballroom and all eyes are on your mesmerizing GOLDISH eyes.

And you know whats the best part is, I am giving away a box of the new KATE GOLDISH Make Up Set to one lucky winner and a KATE eye shadow DB to the second lucky winner, isn`t that awesome ?! 


1 x Goldish Eyes Shadow
1 x Slim Gel Pencil
1 x Concealing Cover Powder Foundation
1 x Powerless Liquid 


Terms and Conditions
1. Contest starts from 15 June 2013 - 28 June 2013, 11:59pm.
2. Open to readers with a valid Malaysian address.
3. Prize will be delivered to you.
4. 2 Winners will be randomly selected by, the first lucky winner will get the KATE GOLDISH Make Up Set as for the second lucky winner will walk away with a KATE Eye Shadow.
5. Winners are required to respond to my email within 24 hours, else another winner will be selected. 

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P.S. Thank you Nuffnang for the invites to such GOLDISH make up workshop.


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