Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journey to Johor Bharu

"Travelling is not so easy for me."

Travelling by car for hours was never my favourite things to do. Dont get me wrong, I do like travelling but sometimes I would get light headed or car sick easily for long distance travelling. It will be fine if its a 2-3 hours car ride but if it goes beyond 3 hours, my head would felt like as tho I have bang my head to the wall !

Today, the journey to Johor took about 5 hours. In the beginning of the journey, I was all hyped up in singing along to the car music and talking but as we by pass the border of Malacca, my excitement level glide down the hill gradually with the slight dizziness in my head. I am not sure was it because I am low in sugar or I just cant handle the travelling, even until now I am still having the post-travelling dizziness. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, it will goes off !

Anyway, I wanna share this gigantic tub of Nutella chocolate I found as I was walking at the Duty Free Shopping Mall in Johor. Its literally as big as my head and as heavy as a 10kg dumbbell or perhaps more than that, I am not sure but all I know its darn heavy and enormous !

P.S. Added stamp to the picture to cover my worn out look, but the stamps match very well with my bunny teeth, dont you think so ? lol


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