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IACT College Creative Writing Workshop @ IACT College, Jaya One PJ

"Good pieces of fiction do not just inform; they engage." 

- Mr Nicholas Lee

Mr Nicholas Lee.

Now writing has gotten a little easier to start off after attending the Creative Writing workshop last hazy weekend at IACT College.The Creative Writing workshop was conducted by Mr Nicholas Lee, the Academic Director of IACT College who is also the head of the English Department at IACT College.

Name : Creative Writing Workshop
Date : 22 June 2013
Location : IACT College, Jaya One PJ

The thing I have always hate about writing is process of cracking my brain to get inspiration or idea to start off a passage, but if you have the introduction right, ideas will just flow in smoothly like water flowing in a river. Just for me to start off the writing, it would take hours and hours, at times I would literally hop down to the content section and write about that first, then only I continue off with the introduction. I know it just so wrong, but it works for me. So this workshop does give me some insight in planning my blog writing, conference paper or journal writing too.

Okay, in the beginning of the workshop, we were greeted and welcomed by this cute bubbly emcee. If you were wondering how did he introduce college to us, this is what he call IACT collge. lolx

I Am Crazy Thing (IACT) College !

Mr Nicholas has a very interesting a new way of breaking the ice. He got everyone of us to draw something that represents us and tell a short story of how it relates to us, instead of the old lamoo introducing name and all. I drew a canvas, why ? Because I get pleasure from drawing. :) Then you must be wondering why on earth did a person who likes artsy-fartsy stuff would opt for a computer science degree ? Well, till today I am not sure why tho. 

Anyway, as we go towards the topic in creating our own character for our story. This is the fun and imaginative part ! Each of us will be writing down our character's personalities, characteristics and all, then we have to put the character in our own short story and read the story aloud to our partner, as our partner will be using their imagination and the description of the character in the story to sketch out the character. The drawing is all based on the description of the story, so it really amusing to see how our character would turn out in someone else's eye. 

Ellie's green hair character that talks to the smiley shoe.

After attending the workshop only I realize that stories in the movies or shows, are actually limited to 7 categories which is the Human Vs Human, Human Vs Animal, Human Vs Environment and etc. And as for the storyline is all similar, like rag to riches, love, comedy, quest and many more. For example, the Paperman story by Disney, its basically a very typical love story between humans but this time with a hint of magic. So now I come to think of it, all the stories are the same but why are we still going for movies, watching series after series of the show ? Its the twist of the stories, the character of the stories and perhaps the setting of it that captivated our attention. 

We were also given the privilege to tour around IACT Collge !

IACT College : The Green Room

Felt so much like being on set for a movie ! Here is where all the pictures are taken then it will be edited using the After Effect to add in the plane crashing scene, building falling apart and gorzilla attack scene !

IACT College : The Recording Room

IACT College : The Recording Room

Photo taken with phone camera.
I was so captivated by the recording studio and here is me awkwardly trying to act as tho I was recording a music ! #epicfailure

IACT College : The Library

IACT College : The Library

Do check out IACT version of the Oppa Gangnam Style ! I am assure you that its hilarious !

The Creative Writing workshop is the first amongst a series of workshops designed to introduce students to the careers within the creative communication industry. Upcoming workshops will introduce Audio Recording, Photography, Digital Design, Marketing and Videography. These workshops aim to give participants interested in creative communications a taste of their future careers.

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