Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Love Affair with the Bravo Brown.

"Looking natural yet with a hint of elegant."

A warm hello coming from your friend at the depths of Nusajaya, Johor !

Spending the whole day at Legoland yesterday was very much a strenuous adventure, due to the warm weather at there. I could feel like as tho I was being put inside a burning hot oven throughout my adventure there.

At times like this, all I have in mind is to have all the brown tall trees shading me from the glaring sun. Speaking about the warm brown color, we usually associate it with the nature like tree trunk, wood, and great outdoors. As for me, it is one of my much loved tones when it comes to buying bags. Despite the fact that brown bags have the tendency to go well with every outfit like literally any outfit you put on, it also gives out a friendly and approachable vibe to a person carrying it.

Some brown can even show a degree of sophistication and elegance, like new Samsung Note II in Bravo Brown !

Pairing the phone next to the violin, a classical yet elegant instrument does bring up the whole sleek and exclusivity of the Bravo Brown Note II, making ones to have the urge of seizing one unit from the Samsung store immediately, isn’t it ?

This Bravo Brown piece of Note II is indeed a practical and sensible phone with the 5.5" inch of HD Super AMOLED display that could feed ones eye with crispy clear images bounded with the warm and elegant brown bezel. To cap it off, bravo brown Note II that goes well with anything, is what one needs in their bag or pocket !

Do check out how this puppy love story (http://bit.ly/114eRHz) that ended up with a Bravo Brown Samsung Note II.

" Samsung and NoteII
sitting on a tree,
First comes yummy pink,
then comes sexy red,
now comes elegant brown,
that makes you feel warm and fuzzy looking at it ! "

For more information, kindly visit your nearest Samsung store or

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