Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yadah Birthday Bash !


Yadah had her very own Birthday Party last saturday, and its my pleasure to be part of such exclusive event ! yeay..

Name : Yadah Birthday Party !
Time : 3pm - 5pm, 25 May 2013
Location : Sasa, Leisure Mall
Yadah is known for its skincare products, but do you know that Yadah skin care products contain the key ingredient, organic Opuntia Ficus, natural plant extracts and essential oils. And it is formulated without any artificial colouring, preservatives ! It is certified by the Korean FDA and some with Ecocert authentication. All Yadah products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, so its suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones ! =D
So for all korean culture craze, this skincare product is a must have then cause its literally certified by Korean FDA !

The event started off with a lucky draw session, which the lucky ones will be walking away with some Yadah goodies ! I have been staring at my number hoping that they would call my number, but....

Anyway, congratz to all the bloggers ! 
Other than that, there were lots of activities lined up for us on that day, like manicure, product testing, fashion show and all, but the booth that attracted everyone's attention is the Hanbok fitting booth !
And its also my main reason to go for the Birthday Party.. Shhhh 

How do I look with the Navy Blue Top and Fuchsia Skirt Hanbok ? 
Well the dress was a bit long for me, so it was quite uneasy for me to post for pictures. >.<

Before the event comes to an end, we have the Yadah Birthday Cake cutting session !
Everyone was keyed up in singing the Birthday song for Yadah..
I guess its simply because we cant wait to indulge in the lovely birthday cake ! xD 

Such cute looking cupcakes with different post from Yadah on it !
Here are some photos of me and all the lovely bloggers on that day.. 

Photo credit to Angeline.
Photo credit to Angeline.

Photo credit to Cindy.

Photo credit to Farisha.
Do check out the video of Yadah applying the product ! Its just cuteness overdose.. 

P.S. Thank you Ruby, for the invites to the Yadah Birthday Bash ! =)


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