Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I need Havaianas ?

"havaianas flip goodbye to BLISTER !"

I like wearing heels, showing off my sexy calf and ass, but sometimes it's just so troublesome and painful to put on.
And I will get a lot of blisters if I put it on for the whole freaking day !

Well there is always sacrifices to be made, in order to look pretty isnt it ?
Thats what I used to think, but now its the otherwise !!!

With havaianas flip flops which bring the 3C's, now I can be fashionably chic with a comfy shoe wear !
1 - [C]omfortable 

2 - [C]hic & fashionable ! 

3- [C]olorful flip flop to match your outfit !

Do check out my photo montage for the havaianas ! :)

So, get ya havaianas now, dont hesitate anymore !


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