Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[tutorial] Shizens Eye Charm + Giveaway

"Eye is the window of a soul."

Do you believe in this saying ?
As for me, I strongly agree with that and have no doubt with that statement, because lets say if I have a tired and sleepy eye,my friends would either be asking me, "Are you sick ?" or "Do you need some rest ?" and blah blah.

But right after I put on some make up on my eyes,  not only that they will stop saying I am sleepy or sick, I could even get much more attention from the guys as I walk in the mall or street ! * wooHOOO *

So trust me, "Eye is definitely the window of a soul !"

Okay cut the crap. Lemme start the Shizens Eye Charm tutorial.

Shizens Eye Charm is the must-have product to create charming eye make-up.  
Eye Charm is formulated with a blend of the fiber and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) that enhance the texture of lashes. Eye Charm is able to stimulate lashes growth and magnify lashes length with curve.  
For best result, use Shizens Eye Charm after applying Shizens Mascara. 

As you can see from the image above, Shizens Eye Charm is purely made up of the thin black fiber, its not even close to any mascara that you usually apply. The thin black fiber felt literally like a speck of dust, the fiber could fly all over the place if you blow on it.

Step 1 - Get your eye make up done (eyeshadow, eyeliner and etc). 

This is a side view of my lashes without any mascara or Eye Charm on it.

Step 2 - Put on a layer of the mascara on your lashes. 

Step 3 - Quickly put on the Shizens Eye Charm before the mascara dries off.

Preferable for you to put something under the lashes cause the fiber might fall on your under eye, when you brush it on your lashes. So I wore a mask. ;P

Step 4 - Put on another layer of mascara after the Shizens Eye Charm. 
This is to adhere the fiber on your lashes so it doesnt fall off or what, because the fiber is just fiber, it doesnt have any sticky layer to stay still on your lashes, so you need another layer of mascara to position it.

Tadaaa here you go !
A denser and longer lashes without putting on fake lashes !

Left (with Shizens Eye Charm), Right (without Shizens Eye Charm).

I personally think that putting on the Shizens Eye Charm is much more easier than putting on fake lashes and I aint a big fan of the fake lashes, because it will fall of very easily. Then it would be so embarrassing to adjust or stick it back on in public. >.<

I hope you get the idea on how to use the Shizens Eye Charm because I am giving away a Shizens Eye Charm to one of my reader. Yeay !!! Just drop a comment on this post by telling me,

"Why do you want the Shizens Eye Charm ?"

The best comment wins the Shizens Eye Charm worth RM 128 !

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