Monday, May 6, 2013

The Uncertainties of GE13

I am not sure,
What have actually happened yesterday
Or perhaps this morning

I am not sure,
Whether you fraud the blackout
Or perhaps its a coincident

I am not sure,
Who to believe
Or trust when everyone is lying

I am not sure,
What lies in front of Malaysia
Or what Malaysia is built on..

I am disappointed not because of the loss of Opposition, but to know that the competition was not conducted fairly. Well, I understand that at the beginning itself, nothing is fair and square, but if you want to make it round, trying erasing it bits by bits and obscurely. Its not a smart act to do shit when you have all eyes on the result !

To be honest, I dont know much about politics and stories behind it. I am not sure who and which party will lead Malaysia to a better future, but I am sure that I wouldnt be proud of the winning if the result is a fraud.

Anyway, lemme dedicate a song to all, "Shine Your Way" by Owl City ft Yuna. Hope it will shine your day and give you a little hope to carry on. ~Cheers


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