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[review] Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment : Revive the softness in my hair !

"Revive the softness in my hair !"

Woww it was such a relief after my presentation, it was like putting away a very heavy rock off my shoulder. Pheww..
So now that I have finished with my conference paper presentation, next is to target on journal submission ! 
Anyway, lets pamper my hair with some treatment before the long long journey in upgrading my research work. :)

Today I have the Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment to share with you all !

To be honest, this is my very first time doing a hair product review, and I have rarely come across blogger doing review on hair product, so I have no reference on that. Anyways just bear with me k ? =D

The Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment felt pretty much like a conditioner, the texture is a bit dilute and clear.

The Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment is to be applied on damp hair after shampooing it. So what I usually do is, wash my hair with shampoo first then use the towel to wipe the excess water off my hair, and then only followed by the Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment !

Upon application, you can feel like it is as tho you are putting on conditioner. Then you have to wait for 3 minutes before washing it off your hair with lukewarm water.

Okay here is a shot after blow-drying my hair.  

I am not so sure how to portray the softness and smoothness in my hair.
Here is an awkward hair flip shot ! >.<

Okay lets get down to my likes and dislikes of the Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment.

Likes ♥ :

  • Smells incredibly awesome !
  • After using it, there is an instant smoothness and softness on my hair even before I blow-dry it.
  • Hair texture felt pretty much like as tho I have done a hair mask in the saloon. 
  • My hair was less frizzy and doesnt tangle so easily.

Dislikes :

  • Nothing to complain except for the 3 minutes wait after washing it off. I am an impatient person ! >.<

My rating for Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment : 4.5 / 5

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P.S. Thanks OnlyBeauty for the lovely Nature Republic Aqua Hair Treatment. ♥

Disclaimer : Products are given by OnlyBeauty, but review is based on my personal experience.


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